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鈥淭here鈥檚 something wonderful about writing just for readers. Because your people are there, you have to be accountable, but it鈥檚 a very pure relationship.鈥
鈥撀燗ndrew Sullivan, The Weekly Dish
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鈥淚n 2020, Substack became the standard of the independent journalism industry. Not to move would be to capitulate to deliberate obsolescence鈥
鈥撀燚avid Warsh, Economic Principals
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鈥淲hen you look at the economics of newsletters... If you can find 10,000 people to pay you $100 a year, you鈥檙e making $1 million a year. No one in media is going to pay you that.鈥
鈥撀燙asey Newton, Platformer
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鈥淪ubstack changed my life.鈥 - Lenny Rachitsky, Lenny鈥檚 Newsletter
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