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Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander · Launched 5 months ago
P(A|B) = [P(A)*P(B|A)]/P(B), all the rest is commentary.
The Science of Fiction
by Maddie Stone · Launched 4 months ago
A technical guide to the future.
Study Marry Kill
by Alexis Coe · Launched 2 months ago
For history cranks and fiends.
Reddit Investor Newsletter
by Reddit Investors · Launched 2 days ago
The hottest meme stocks that are being pumped to on Reddit
by Phillip Picardi · Launched a year ago
Letters from an ex-Editor in Chief, an ex-Catholic, and a current homosexual.
The Chess Circuit
by Adam Raoof · Launched 5 months ago
the game of chess is my passion: whether you just want to read about chess, follow grandmaster gossip or play chess tournaments yourself, this is for you!
European Straits
by Nicolas Colin · Launched a year ago
The Entrepreneurial Age, viewed from Europe
by Ira Madison III · Launched 15 days ago
I'd like to have that conversation.