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Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander · Launched 5 months ago
P(A|B) = [P(A)*P(B|A)]/P(B), all the rest is commentary.
The Pull Request
by Antonio Garcia-Martinez · Launched 2 years ago
A newsletter about tech and culture by technologists and for technologists, dropping weekly(ish).
The Convivial Society
by L. M. Sacasas · Launched 2 years ago
Thinking together about technology, society, and the good life.
From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
Launched 2 years ago
I’m a writer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I send out a weekly essay on issues in food, from politics and climate change to culture and labor. Paid subscribers also participate in Wednesday discussions and receive the Friday interviews.
So It Goes
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine · Launched a year ago
Popular Music, Present and Past
by Andrew Janjigian · Launched a year ago
A newsletter about bread baking—sourdough and otherwise—by the creator of the #quarantinystarter project and former Cook's Illustrated magazine's resident breadhead. "Pedantic crap!"—A reader
Alien Sideboob
by John Birmingham · Launched 9 months ago
The column they wouldn't let me write for you.