Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander
Atlas of Wonders and Monsters
by Étienne Fortier-Dubois
The Bayesiant
by The Bayesiant
Chris Arnade Walks the World
by Chris Arnade
The Convivial Society
by L. M. Sacasas
De Novo
by Metacelsus
Digital Native
by Rex Woodbury
by dynomight
Eat Shit and Prosper
by Stephen Skolnick
The Egg And The Rock
by Julian Gough
Escaping Flatland
by Henrik Karlsson
Existential Crunch
by Florian U. Jehn
Experimental History
by Adam Mastroianni
Final Canticle
by Andrew Rosa
by Eric Gilliam
Freddie deBoer
by Freddie deBoer
The Good Science Project
by Stuart Buck
Grey Goose Chronicles
by Stone Age Herbalist
by Duarte
The Intrinsic Perspective
by Erik Hoel
by Aella
Luke Burgis Newsletter
by Luke Burgis
Manipulate🕹, Moonsplain🌙, Murder-Bears🧸
by Luke T. Harrington
MOD 171
by Ethan Ludwin-Peery
Moth to flame
by Beth Shelburne
a newsletter
by sympathetic opposition
Numb at the Lodge
by Sam Kriss
Perfecting Equilibrium
by Christopher J Feola
by Nils Wendel, MD
Progress and Poverty
by Joseph Addington
Rational Psychiatry
by Thomas Reilly
Science Fictions
by Stuart Ritchie
by Roger’s Bacon
Some Unpleasant Arithmetic
by Maia Mindel
Square Circle
by Carlos Ramírez
Thing of Things
by Ozy Brennan
Traditions of Conflict
by William Buckner
Trevor Klee’s Newsletter
by Trevor Klee
Vates Rising
by Vat
Well Worn
by Spencer Brooks
by Whimsi
by radicaledward