Persian-American. A mystic in biz casual. Born and raised in Austin, but fled the city due to the influx of bachelorette parties. Now resides in NYC, which is pretty quiet.
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Between a Rock and a Card Place
by Caroline Cala Donofrio
Both Are True
by Alex Dobrenko`
Caravanserai with Samantha Childress
by Samantha Childress
The Editing Spectrum
by Amanda B. Hinton
Inner Workings
by Rachel Katz
Love Story
by Laura McKowen
The Noble Try
by Isabel Cowles Murphy
quite useless
by a. natasha joukovsky
Situation Normal
by Michael Estrin
Sparks from Culture by David Roberts
by david roberts
Insight Axis
by Zan Tafakari
Abdulrahman’s Musings.
by Abdulrahman.
After Babel
by Jon Haidt
by Alec Leach
Amran Gowani's Field Research
by Amran Gowani
Ask Polly
by Heather Havrilesky
The Author Stack
by Russell Nohelty
Beyond with Jane Ratcliffe
by Jane Ratcliffe
Body Type
by Mikala Jamison
The Books That Made Us
by M. E. Rothwell
Born Without Borders
by Nolan Yuma
The Bright Life
by Donna McArthur
Broke But Moisturized
by Dia Becker
by Anne Kadet
by Chris Best
by Lauren Scott
Changing The Channel
by Kirsten Powers
Consciousness ∞ The Doorway to Human Evolution
by Scott Britton
The cool shit
by Alex Dobrenko`
Cosmic Kudos
by kimia madani
by M. E. Rothwell
Culture Study
by Anne Helen Petersen
Diary Of A Black Woman In A White World
by Rebecca Stevens A.
Don’t Look Down
by Corey Smith
Educating AI
by Nick Potkalitsky
The Elif Life
by Elif Batuman
by Chase McPheeters
Everything is Liminal
by Jenna Park
Exasperated Infrastructures
by sam sklar
by Freya India
Going Gently
by Satya Robyn
The Good Emails
by Alex Dobrenko`
the grand weekly
by Sarah Jacobson
Hmm That's Interesting
by Clara
How To Know
by Kayte Ferris
A Human Experience
by Renee Aharon
I am a comedian who is learning to code
by Alex Dobrenko`
Jungle Jake
by Jake Housdon
Kat River
by Kat River
Kurt Vonnegut Radio
by Gabe Hudson
Letters from a Muslim Woman
by Noha Beshir
A Little Thing That Helps
by Tara Schuster
Luke Burgis Newsletter (formerly Anti-Mimetic)
by Luke Burgis
Make Pure Thy Heart
by Paolo Peralta
Marc Andreessen Substack
by Marc Andreessen
Marc’s Substack
by Marc Randolph
Michael Pollan
by News and Updates
Mostly Water
by John Lovie
Musings on Awareness
by Zaharo Tsekouras
navel gazing
by River Selby (they/them)
Never Stop Learning
by Martin Prior
a newsletter
by Alison Roman
by Jillian Hess
Offline Time
by Lee Tilghman
On the Commons
by Antonia Malchik
One New Thing a Day
by Dania Miwa
Pathless by Paul Millerd
by Paul Millerd
Patience Mindset
by Pách Deng
Portfolio Career
by David Nebinski
The Prism
by Gurwinder
The Process
by Nikki D'Ambrosio
Raising Myles
by Marc Typo
by Reid Pope
Right Hand Talent
by Zaharo Tsekouras
Rolling in D🤦🏻‍♀️h with Jenny Blake
by ❤️ Jenny Blake
by Carolyn Yoo
The SneakyArt Post
by Nishant Jain
by Sophia Efthimiatou
Sparkle on Substack
by Claire Venus
StoryWorlds with Junot Díaz
by Junot Díaz
Talking to Myself
by Caroline
thot pudding
by Sarah Thankam Mathews
The Tonic
by Amy - The Tonic
Transparent Tuesdays
by Charlie Bleecker
The Unexpected Shape with Esmé Weijun Wang
by Esmé Weijun Wang
Victoriously Sober
by Tori H.
We Need A Black Woman In Charge
by Rebecca Stevens A.
Wes Kao's Newsletter
by Wes Kao
Write What
by Stephanie Danler
XO, MU by Melissa Urban
by Melissa Urban
by Slavoj Žižek