I'll be amazed if anyone actually wants to cook this, I'm here for the practice of writing and to unload the memory. It really was a ready steady cook style tea. Six Italian style sausages languishing in the freezer as I said leave tea to me!! A rummage around the veg trays, the unfinished cauliflower rice, the last bit of spinach, yellowing parsley and the chilli that's rolling around. Even the plums are fair game where I remove some of the over ripe bits. Time to be creative.

Peel and slice the onion, deliberately not diced this is going to form the dish. On a medium to high heat, heavy based pan soften the onion for a minute or so, keep moving so as not to brown. Add the sausages. Finely dice a chilli and add to the pan. Peel and dice the carrot. I do this by quartering length ways and then finely slicing rough and ready into little triangles. Keep the ingredients moving as you go, a little colour in the sausages is great. A couple tablespoons of vinegar (balsamic or sherry) and a couple table spoons of sugar. I add the plums wondering if this is too soon, they will disappear and fade away with all the stirring. The boy isn't home yet so I lower the heat, and put the lid on. This will definitely make sure the cauliflower and sausages are cooked through, mingling with flavour. Gives me time to separate out the yellow herb leaves from green and finely dice. These will get added at the end. I rummage through the tins of beans we have, choosing black which I quickly drain and add to the pan. This adds contrast and interest and I now start to play on the idea of beans on toast! Reach for the freezer drawer again, pull out some bagels and defrost. I hear the key in the front door, add the spinach, let it wilt, stirring through. Then the herbs. Toast the bagels and bosh we have Cauliflower beans on toast with Sausages for three.

6:09 AM
Sep 15, 2023