Substack brand assets and resources

The brand resources featured here, including our name and logo, are trademarks protected by law (trademark law insists that we say this). Please read these guidelines carefully—including the important legal notice at the bottom—to make sure you use these brand resources in the right way.

Using the Substack Brand

Using the Substack brand

Anyone using Substack's assets should use only the logos found on this page and follow our guidelines.

Citing Substack in the media

Writers deserve credit for their ideas, so proper attribution is essential. When citing a Substack publication, broadcast media must verbally mention its full name and include it onscreen in the chyron, if applicable. Text-based media should include the full name of the publication and a link to the original source.

Feature Substack in your work

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Brand guidelines and assets

Anyone using Substack's brand assets should use only the logos found on this page. By using the download links below, you agree to follow these guidelines, including the rules below:

1. Please don't alter our logos.

You may not change the color, proportions, font, or any other part of the design of our logos. Similarly, do not add any extra features or embellishments to our logos.

2. Respect our trademarks.

You may not use the Substack brand or brand assets in a way that implies our partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement without explicit written permission. The Legal Notice below has more information.

3. Keep it clean.

Please don't place our logos anywhere that would make them difficult to see or that would imply a connection to any other business or product. Always leave some white space around our logos.

If you agree to all that, you can download the brand assets here:

Legal Notice

The Substack name and the Substack logo—together with any word, symbol, or device we at Substack, Inc. use to indicate the source of our products—are our protected trademarks (the “Substack Marks”). We ask that any use of the Substack Marks respect the terms of these guidelines, which we may modify or cancel at any time, at our sole discretion, without notice.
These guidelines do not provide you any license or permission to make trademark use of the Substack Marks. You may only use the Substack Marks:
  • as allowed by law—for instance, when making a “fair use” or when accurately referring to our business and its products by our name;
  • or with our advance, express, and written permission.
Further, you must not:
  • use the Substack Marks in any way that would suggest association between Substack and any other party, or that would imply our sponsorship or endorsement of any other party, product, or business;
  • use the Substack Marks in any way that would dilute, diminish, or tarnish them;
  • use the Substack Marks to refer to goods or services provided by any business other than Substack, Inc. and our affiliates;
  • use the Substack Marks to refer generically to the products and services we provide;
  • alter, modify, re-color, or otherwise create variations of the Substack Marks;
  • use the Substack Marks on any merchandise;
  • or incorporate the Substack Marks into your own trademarks or into the name of your business, product, or service.
Substack, Inc. is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Substack Marks, and reserves the right to take appropriate enforcement action in the event of any infringement of its legal rights.

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