Substack Grow

The essential knowledge writers need to succeed on Substack.

Substack Grow is a crash course for writers ready to pursue independence by building a loyal readership and kickstarting paid subscriptions.

Substack Grow is a series of six workshops for writers who want to grow
It covers the essential knowledge writers need to grow their readership and paid subscriptions on Substack.

All sessions are free, and participating writers can choose to attend all sessions or only the most relevant ones.

Because promoting your writing and going paid can be intimidating, Substack Grow is designed to be a collaborative experience. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop ideas with their peers during live sessions, and to continue conversations online together.

The live sessions for the first Substack Grow ended. Writers can access the recaps from the live session on the Substack Blog or view the curriculum below.


Setting goals for your Substack

Writers can’t achieve goals if they don’t set them. In this session, we’ll help you get clear on what growth you’d like to see on Substack and work on setting ambitious but realistic goals for growth.

Developing a publication strategy

Successful publications “do a job” for their readers. We’ll help you crystallize the value of your publication and make a plan for how to realize that value through both free and paid posts.

Building a home for your publication

Learn how to construct the essential architecture of your Substack publication - from visual assets to post formatting.

Growing your readership

Promoting a Substack publication sounds simple, but for many writers this can be the hardest step. So we’ve gathered expert tips and key insights on how to spread the word about your Substack.

Preparing for a successful launch

Pin down your strategy for one of the biggest moments in any independent writer’s journey: the transition from free to paid subscriptions.

Growing a paid readership

Learn what works for converting free readers to paid subscribers.

Who is Substack Grow for?
Writers eager to set the foundation for striking out on their own. Professional writers looking to start an independent publication that is financially viable. Entrepreneurial and emerging writers who want to earn money by writing about their passions or expertise. Writers and editors banding together to cover a topic not well served in existing media.

Committed writers who have been publishing consistently on Substack and seeing promising signals that they could turn on paid subscriptions (e.g. list sizes in the hundreds or thousands, open rates of 25% or higher).