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With recommendations, referrals, and a powerful growth network, Substack writers and creators spend less time on marketing and more time on their craft.
The Substack Network drives 25% of paid subscriptions across the platform.
There are millions of readers with email addresses and credit card information already in the Substack system, making them 3x more likely to pay for a subscription to your publication. That means you get readers and money for free just by publishing on Substack.

Substack’s most powerful feature is growth


Simple cross-promotion for publishers

Recommendations is our human-powered system that helps creators suggest other creators to their readers via the subscribe flow, on their homepages, and in automated emails. Substack writers have called this feature “game changing” and industry analysts have called it an “unfair advantage.

Guest posts, mentions,
and cross-posts

Tools for cross-pollination between creators

Substack offers tools that make it easy for creators to collaborate and lift each other up through sharing each other’s work: Cross-posting, guest posts, mentions, and publication and post embeds.


Empower superfans to grow your publication

Substack's referral tools — Subscriber Referrals and Gift Referrals — are custom-made for subscription publishers, allowing you to grow your audience through the quality of your work.
“78% of new subscribers are now coming from other Substack newsletters recommending my newsletter. And 11% of paid. Game changing feature.”

Lenny Rachitsky, Lenny’s Newsletter

Over 625,000 subscribers

Growth on auto-pilot


Substack Boost is like having a secret growth team that puts Substack’s data and expertise to work without you having to lift a finger. Boost uses discounts and special offers at the right moment to maximize revenue.
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The Substack app

The Substack web reader and iOS and Android apps are full of interactive discovery features—from search to leaderboards to reader profiles—that make it one-tap easy for new readers to find and subscribe to your publication. More than 25% of subscriptions originate from our apps.


Publishers on Substack get a dedicated SEO team focused on making Substack publications appear higher in search rankings. Our advanced SEO tools are designed to offer customization where it counts.
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“Substack isn’t just a place to publish or read – it’s an ecosystem for writers and creators to collaborate and contribute to one another’s growth.”

Mario Gabriele, The Generalist

Over 100,000 subscribers