everywhere i go is my classroom, everyone i meet is my teacher

Patti Smith

Patti Smith

The existential acorn | by Oak and Jay

Nick Kelly

The Planet

Alexander Verbeek 🌍

Say Less by Larry Smith & The Six-Word Memoir Project

Larry Smith

Kurt’s Written Way

Kurt Rostek

Nobody Reads Poetry

Roye Segal

What Is Called Thinking?

Zohar Atkins

Tumbleweed Words

David Moran

Sunday Letters

Larry G. Maguire

The End of the World Review

Dana Snitzky

Behind the Seen: Linda Wolf

Linda Wolf

the Spirits

Richard Godwin


Bailey @ Substack

Flow State


Sarah Bessey's Field Notes

Sarah Bessey

Fire Escape Bonsai

Max Falkowitz

ToonStack’s Newsletter


The Abundance

David W. Berner

The Art of Noticing

Rob Walker

The Audacity.

Roxane Gay

The New Fatherhood

Kevin Maguire

Daily Writing Habits

Nicolas Cole

The Time of Monsters

Jeet Heer