I wrote this as a bit of a retrospective on the first book I wrote a few years back, The Holy Fool: A Journalist’s Revolt. It was a journalism thriller set in the Great Recession days of 2008, but I realize after the fact that it also was a look at what direction journalism in America should go after many years of decline. Seeing all of the great journalists doing work on Substack has made me think about this topic once again.

As my new book project is getting closer to publication, I decided May Day this year would be as good of a time as any to host my first giveaway. On May 1, I’ll be hosting a random giveaway of a signed hardcopy version of The Holy Fool. All you have to do to be eligible is to be a free or paid subscriber to my Substack to qualify.

The lucky winner will be getting a personal email from me asking for your address so I can send that copy to you via snail mail. As soon as I get the address confirmed, I’ll announce the winner on Substack notes.

Best of luck to everyone.

What Should Journalism Be?
A look back at my book, The Holy Fool.
2:53 AM
Apr 25, 2023

Great writing lives on Substack

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