Manjit Bedi 

I like pies.
Exploding Giraffe
by Brian K. Vaughan
by Vittles
by Xanaduum
50 Years of Text Games
by Aaron A. Reed
The Angel
by Emily Wilson
Austin Kleon
by Austin Kleon
Avatars & Psychedelics
by James Andrews
BIT-101 News
by Keith Peters
bookbear express
by Ava
Check your Pulse
by Sari Azout
Chris’s Substack
by Chris Ryall
De La Soul
by De La Soul
Desire Paths
by Daniel Giacopelli
Episodes of My Pub Life
by David Jesudason
Experimental History
by Adam Mastroianni
Field Notes by Sean Wyer
by Sean Wyer
formerly known as annotations
by Jenny G. Zhang
gen yeet
by terry nguyen
Have You Played?
by Adrian Hon
Jason Aaron's Beard Missives
by Jason Aaron
Joe’s Substack
by Joe Hill
by Kimiya Shokoohi
Longer Tables with José Andrés
by José Andrés
Matt Alt's Pure Invention
by Matt Alt
by Bas Grasmayer
Musings from Beyond the Pale
by David McElhinney
Normal Island News
by Laura K
Pass the Fish Sauce
by Andrea Nguyen
Popping Tins
by Tim Marchman
Quality Time w/ David Mills
by David Mills
by David OReilly
Salman's Sea of Stories
by Salman Rushdie
by Michael Procopio
The Sublime Newsletter
by sari azout
Substack Reads
by Substack
Sunday Bookmarks
by Hannah Turner
the sunday stack
by katie
These Foolish Games
by Bill Willingham
Under the Net
by Kieran Setiya
by WengCouver
Why is this interesting?
by Noah Brier