Byrne Hobart 

Equity research, Schelling Points, lost causes, reading more than the abstract, urbanization. Married to the Foursquare Mayor of the Union Square Babies-R-Us
by Luke Burgis
The Bear Cave
by Edwin Dorsey
Behind the Iron Curtain
by Sergey Aleksashenko
Bonnie Kavoussi
by Bonnie Kavoussi
by Jordan Schneider
Fabricated Knowledge
by Doug O'Laughlin
Liberty’s Highlights
by Liberty
Net Interest
by Marc Rubinstein
by Eric Newcomer
by Noah Smith
Nongaap Investing
by Mike
Pirate Wires
by Mike Solana
The Pragmatic Engineer
by Gergely Orosz
Sunday's Idea Brunch
by Edwin Dorsey
The Upheaval
by N.S. Lyons
Value Investing Substack
by Aaron Pek
What Is Called Thinking?
by Zohar Atkins
Yes, I give a FIG... thoughts on markets from Michael Green/Profplum99
by Michael W. Green
Age of Invention, by Anton Howes
by Anton Howes
Alex Danco's Newsletter
by Alex Danco
Alex’s Substack
by Alex
American Alchemy
by Harry Bergeron
American Ambition
by Marc Cenedella, Author
by Arpit Gupta
Asian Century Stocks
by Michael Fritzell
Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander
Audience of Four
by John Farrall
Avoid Boring People
by Leon Lin
Aziz Sunderji
by Aziz Sunderji
Baadaye (Africa Future Institute)
by Baadaye
by Balaji
Big Technology
by Alex Kantrowitz
Blueprint for the African Century
by Alpha Barry
Book Thoughts
by Josh Mitrani
Borsalino Test by Michele Canzi
by Michele
Boundless by Paul Millerd
by Paul Millerd
Bretton Goods
by Pradyumna Prasad
Bull vs Bear
by Geoffrey Seiler
CalculatedRisk Newsletter
by CalculatedRisk by Bill McBride
ChinAI Newsletter
by Jeffrey Ding
Chinese Characteristics
by Lillian Li
Cloud Valley
by KG
Commodity Context
by Rory Johnston
Constine's Newsletter
by Josh Constine
Construction Physics
by Brian Potter
Consumer Surplus
by Sam Bowman
Continuous Variation (CVAR)
by Alex
The Curiosity Chronicle
by Sahil Bloom
Cypherpunk Adventures
by Ryan Lackey
Damn Good Research
by Adam Block
Data-driven VC
by Andre Retterath
DIY Investing Newsletter
by Trey Henninger
by Doomberg
by Dotglum
Dozen Worthy Reads
by Promeet Mansata
Dreams of Electric Sheep
by Anirudh Pai
Dubey or Not Dubey
by Sagar Dubey
dwr updates
by Dan Romero
East Meets West
by Ryan Rodenbaugh
emails for nothing
by Sam Frank
Erik Torenberg
by Erik Torenberg
by Dan Shipper
Exploring with Alluvial Capital
by Dave Waters
Extant Jobs
by Extant Jobs
f xx f y
by Joseph M. Keegin
First 1000
by Ali Abouelatta
French Hidden Champions
by Jeremy
Front Month
by Hide Not Slide
Gavin Baker's Newsletter
by Gavin Baker
Geoff’s Newsletter
by Geoff Lewis
The Global Capitalist
by Tom
Guzey's Best of Twitter
by Alexey Guzey Newsletter
by gwern
The Hard Fork by Marvin Liao
by The Hard Fork by Marvin Liao
Hardcore Software by Steven Sinofsky
by Steven Sinofsky
Harvey Multani
by Harvey Multani
The Hypothesis
by Rohit Kaul
Idea Hive
by Idea Hive
by Adam Wren
by Kevin Xu
by IPHawk
Jamie’s Newsletter
by Jamie Quint
Japan Business Insights
by Japan Business Insights
Joe Lonsdale
by Joe Lonsdale
John Hempton's Newsletter
by John Hempton
by Jon Stokes
by Christopher Brunet
Keeping Up With India
by Anmol Maini
Keith’s Newsletter
by Keith Rabois
The Klendathu Capitalist
by The Klendathu Capitalist
Krugman wonks out
by Paul Krugman
by Misha Saul
Late by Myles Udland
by Myles Udland
Law of VC
by Chris Harvey
Learn With Sina
by Sina Motamedi
let them eat cake
by TW Lim
A Letter a Day
by KG
The Long View
by Johan Lunau
luttig's learnings
by John Luttig
l̸o̴o̷k̶ ̷f̵o̸r̴ ̵s̷u̸r̴p̵r̶i̵s̵e̴s̷ 🌊
by Jeff Huber
The Macro Geek
by Muneeb Jan
by Alex Izydorczyk
by Manila Swivel
Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk
by Margins
Market Ponderings
by Srivatsan Prakash
Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont
by Edward Nevraumont
Matt Shapiro's Marginally Compelling
by polimath
Maxfield on Banks
by Jonathan Rowe
by Philo
Mercurial Space
by Kairon
Metacritic Capital
by Metacritic Capital
Metaphor Map
by Nick Moore
Mimetic Value
by Mimetic Value
Monday Musings by David Perell
by David Perell
Money: Inside and Out
by Exante Data
by Kris Abdelmessih
Mostly metrics
by CJ Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Psmith’s Bookshelf
by Jane Psmith
by Omar Shams
Neckar's Alchemy of Money
by Frederik Gieschen
NewCo Report
by NewCo Report
The Next
by Justin Mares
Next Billion Advisors
by Juan Gabriel
No Conflict No Interest
by Zack Morris
by Edge
Not Boring by Packy McCormick
by Packy McCormick
Nota bene
by Felix Salmon
O&G’s Newsletter
by O&G OG
October First
by Jamil Abreu
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
by Oliver Bateman Does the Work
On Substack
by Substack Writers
OPM Wars
The Overshoot
by Matthew C. Klein
Pamela J. Hobart: Philosophical Life Coaching
by Pamela J. Hobart
by Casey Newton
Plum Capital
by Plum Capital
The Pull Request
by Antonio García Martínez
Pure Alpha
by Caleb Dismuke
Recovering’s Newsletter
by Recovering TradFi Chad
The Refractor
by Robert
Remains of the Day
by Eugene Wei
SaaS Engineering
by Alex Oppenheimer
SBF’s Substack
by SBF
Schopenhauer's Kubernetes cluster
by Alex "strlen" Feinberg
by Scuttlebutt
by Dylan Patel
Silicon Nation
by Graham Plaster
Silver Wolf
by Silver Wolf
by Bill Bishop
The Split
by Turner Novak
Sriram Krishnan Substack
by Sriram Krishnan
The Steader Manifesto
by Steadermen
Strange Loop Canon
by Rohit Krishnan
Strange Tidings
by Nathan Brooks
Summation and Five Links by Auren Hoffman
by Auren Hoffman
Sunk Thoughts
by Charlie
Sunshine Research
by Sunshine Research
Tanay’s Newsletter
by Tanay Jaipuria
Tech Insiders
by Paul Cheesbrough
Tech Learnings
by ——
Thoughts + Things from Jackson Dahl
by jackson dahl
Thoughts from Arjun
by Arjun Balaji
Tiger Gao & Policy Punchline
by Tiger Gao
Trekking with Llama
by Llama Capital
TSOH Investment Research Service
by The Science of Hitting
The Ugly Duckling
by Cyan Banister
by Otto Oehring
Unpopular Front
by John Ganz
Value Situations
by Conor Maguire
Venture Desktop by Brett Bivens
by Brett.Bivens
Venture Studio Index
by Jim Moran
The Web Scraping Club
by Pierluigi Vinciguerra
Wiley’s Newsletter
by Wiley Blackistone
Write of Passage Newsletter
Yet Another Value Blog
by Andrew Walker
The Zone
by Ben Sixsmith
🌀🗞 The FLUX Review
by The FLUX Collective