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The Present Age
by Parker Molloy · Launched 3 years ago
A newsletter by Parker Molloy about communication (and miscommunication) in a hyperconnected world.
Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith
Launched 2 years ago
Exploring questions (and sometimes answers) on fatphobia, diet culture, parenting and health.
by Klein · Launched 5 months ago
Explaining overlooked cultural trends + our psychosocial relationship with tech
Opera Daily
Launched a year ago
An email that makes you love opera.
What To Read If
by Elizabeth · Launched 7 months ago
The right book for your mood
Complexity Condensed
by Louis Pereira · Launched 8 months ago
Complicated stuff explained in 500 simple words. A newsletter for curious people in a hurry.
The Overlap
by Tim Casasola · Launched a year ago
Somewhere between product & organization design
"Not A Jungle"
by Tzvi Kilov · Launched 2 years ago
At the wild frontier of authentic Jewish thought
On Draft
Launched a month ago
Beer reviews. Lots of them.
Deep Voices
by Matthew Schnipper · Launched a year ago
Spotify and Apple Music playlists once a week
The Albatross
by Bill Fields · Launched 3 months ago
Exploring golf's present and past
The Map Stack
by Geoff Gibson · Launched a month ago
Maps! Maps! Maps! Focused on human geography, cartography, and urbanism. New articles every Tuesday. Map discussions every Thursday and Saturday.
by Ryan Gilbert · Launched 2 years ago
Bringing you inside the workspaces of inspiring creatives. Delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning.
Launched a year ago
Finding you perfect recipes for every situation imaginable.
Bunsuke’s Newsletter
Launched 5 months ago
Japanese language learning
Brands Mean a Lot
by Jared Holst · Launched a year ago
Weekly exploration of the contradictions within the way politics, products, and pop-culture are branded for us. Bad graphic art to drive the point home.
Tumbleweed Words
by David Moran · Launched 2 months ago
contemporary fiction & poetry | nomadic voices | audio readings
Work Chronicles
by work chronicles · Launched a year ago
Webcomics dedicated to the joys and frustrations of the workplace
Thai Island Times
by David Luekens · Launched a year ago
Sharing the beauty, challenges and distinctive identities of Thailand's islands and coastal areas.
Ordinary Plots: Meditations on Poems + Verse
by Devin Kelly · Launched a year ago
Posting the occasional poem and the occasional meditation on that poem.