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The Alchemy of Money
by Frederik Gieschen
Computer, Enhance!
by Casey Muratori
by Doomberg
by Myles Snider
by Ali Griswold
The Science of Maximal Athletic Development
by Alan Couzens
Strong As An Ox
by BowTiedOx
The American Peasant
by Christopher Schwarz
Artificial Fintelligence
by Finbarr Timbers
Bite code!
by Bite Code!
Black Mountain Analysis
by Aleks
Blog System/5
by Julio Merino
Bons Mots
by Jake Pruitt
Bram’s Thoughts
by Bram Cohen
Brie's Wax
by Brie Wolfson
Capital Wars
by Michael Howell
Carlson Letter
by Benjamin Carlson
The Common Reader
by Henry Oliver
The Conundrum Cluster
by Conundrum Cluster
Don't Worry About the Vase
by Zvi Mowshowitz
Escaping Flatland
by Henrik Karlsson
Follansbee's Substack
by Peter Follansbee
From The Future
by Edward Rooster
Global Guerrillas
by John Robb
Hickman's Hinterlands
by A.M. Hickman
Hidden Grove
by Ryan Fleury
Irina Slav on energy
by Irina Slav
The J. Burden Show
by J. Burden
Look Behind You!
by Dan Carlin
A Man's Work: Hot takes and tools for modern manhood
by Johnny Bowman
The McLuhan Newsletter
by Andrew McLuhan
No Royal Road
by Demetri Spanos / No Royal Road
Of Boys and Men
by Richard V Reeves
Oz’s Newsletter
by Oz Nova
by Callum Flack
Peter Galbert's Chair Notes
by Peter Galbert
Phish Essays
by Rob Mitchum
The Pragmatic Engineer
by Gergely Orosz
Ribbonfarm Studio
by Venkatesh Rao
Shakos Metaheuristics
by shako
True Wealth
by Gordo Byrn
by Dan