Much disappointment over Iran’s response to the Zionist entity yesterday, or perceived lack thereof. I’d suggest that’s wrongheaded. Yes, it wasn’t the decapitation many expected/desired, but the Iranians are careful. They’ve been patiently and meticulously creating conditions for the entity’s downfall and US retreat from West Asia for decades. They’re not going to be pushed into rash decisions and concomitant mistakes at this crucial stage. Besides, this strike has placed Tel Aviv and Washington in a dreadful position. Iran has made clear further escalation/retaliation from the Zionists will be the end of Israel. The US has demanded Netanyahu not respond, and leave things as they are. If he obeys, Tel Aviv’s vulnerability is writ even larger than before, and further resistance is encouraged. If he doesn’t, then the US will almost inevitably stand aside while Iran makes good on its promise. Meanwhile, the puppet states that assisted the Zionist entity (in particular Jordan) are in very deep trouble with their populations, and their existence is under grave threat. Remember the Taliban’s maxim - “you have watches, we have time.” Israel has little time left, and no favourable choices left to make. Palestine will be free sooner than you think. I guarantee it.