Monica Edwards 

A Sociology nerd. Teacher. Learner. Writer. Reader.
52 Writing Prompts
by Suzanne Roberts
The Audacity.
by Roxane Gay
by Lauren Hough
Cheryl Strayed's Dear Sugar
by Cheryl Strayed
by Jami Attenberg
Culture Study
by Anne Helen Petersen
For Dear Life with Maggie Smith
by Maggie Smith
Human Stuff from Lisa Olivera
by Lisa Olivera
The Hyphen by Emma Gannon
by Emma Gannon
Love Story
by Laura McKowen
by Holly Whitaker
The 52 Project
by Jami Attenberg
Abortion, Every Day
by Jessica Valenti
Brass Ring Daily
by Kara Cutruzzula
Cosmic Connection
by Sebene Selassie
by Megan Pillow
Emma Straub's Newsletter
by Emma Straub
From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
by Alicia Kennedy
Ijeoma Oluo: Behind the Book
by Ijeoma Oluo
An Irritable Métis
by Chris La Tray
Letters from an American
by Heather Cox Richardson
Letters From Love with Elizabeth Gilbert
by Elizabeth Gilbert
Mad Woman
by Amanda Montei
Memoir Land
by Sari Botton
Men Yell at Me
by lyz
Mini 1000
by Jami Attenberg
More to Hate
by Kate Manne
Oldster Magazine
by Sari Botton
Poetry Today
by Maya C. Popa
Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen
by Elise Loehnen
She Tried
by Feelings & Co
by Rebecca Makkai
by Terryn
Things That Don't Suck
by Andrea Gibson
Third Thoughts
by Melissa Febos
Unqualified by Emily McDowell
by Emily McDowell
Well To Do
by Rina Raphael