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Lenny's Newsletter
A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that’s stressing you out at the office
Thousands of subscribers · $15/month
Economics and other interesting stuff
By Noah Smith · Thousands of subscribers · $9.99/month
Nongaap Investing
An ex-activist investor who writes about tech, corporate governance, the power & friction of incentives, strategy, interpersonal board dynamics, and activist fights.
By Mike · Hundreds of subscribers · $39/month
The Ankler
The newsletter Hollywood loves to hate and hates to love
By Richard Rushfield · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
The Profile
The Profile features the best long-form stories on people and companies in business, tech, sports, entertainment, and more.
By Polina Pompliano · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
Who's new in the Boardroom and C-suite...
By george fleck · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
The Fintech Blueprint
Lex Sokolin's fintech analysis on how blockchain & DeFi, neobanks & roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and other innovation themes are rewiring financial services
By Lex · Hundreds of subscribers · $24/month
Original Jurisdiction
News, views, and colorful commentary about law and the legal profession.
By David Lat · Thousands of subscribers · $5/month
Yet Another Value Blog
Yet Another Value Blog applies a modern value investor's eye to quirky special situations and investing.
Hundreds of subscribers · $199.99/month
Category Pirates
The authority on category design/category creation.
Hundreds of subscribers · $20/month
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts
Thoughts on Money and Life
Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Sake Industry News
Know More. Appreciate More. Sake News for the Informed Professional.
Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
The Broccoli Report
News and Analysis for Creative Cannabis Entrepreneurs
By Broccoli · Hundreds of subscribers · $8/month
A Lawyer Writes
Essential updates from Joshua Rozenberg QC (hon), UK's most experienced full-time legal commentator. Enemies of the People? is his most recent book. See also:
By Joshua Rozenberg · Hundreds of subscribers · £4.99/month
Business Breakdowns
Like reading a 10-k, but infinitely better.
By Ryan Reeves · Launched 2 years ago
Blogging Guide
Learn how to make money writing online, navigate the digital publishing landscape, and join the creator economy! • Medium • Substack • Blogging • Newsletters • Digital Marketing • Canva
By Casey Botticello · Hundreds of subscribers · $25/month
BowTied Opossum
Get smarter about all things digital. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and digital marketing. Start and grow your first affiliate or ecommerce site today.
Launched 2 months ago · $10/month
European Straits
The Entrepreneurial Age, viewed from Europe
By Nicolas Colin · Launched 2 years ago
Checking In with Kat Cole
Simple, powerful lessons on bringing more humility, curiosity and courage to our decisions, businesses, families and communities. I 'check in' with outside perspectives, best practices in leadership, branding, relationships and more.
Launched 3 years ago · $10/month
Fully Alive @Work
Not only imagining a better way to work but building it. Together.
By Nilofer Merchant · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
L'Atelier Galita
Chaque matin de la semaine à 09h00 reçois un email anti-zombie. Plutôt que de scroller le matin sans but au réveil...reçois une friandise d'inspiration. L'inverse des actualités : que du contenu intemporel, utile et épanouissant.
By Nicolas Galita · Hundreds of subscribers · €8.99/month
Speak Up
Truth for all—from people facing homelessness.
By Matt Shaw · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Permission Granted
A newsletter about wellness, sort of. I'm sharing my experience finding my way through the world that allows for skepticism, joy, humanity, mistakes, candy, and a decent dose of self-reflection. Also, product recs for stuff I've bought/watched/read.
By Molly · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Timeless & Timely
Makes you a better leader, communicator, and human with advice and counsel from the past for the issues of today.
By Scott Monty · Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Rich and Riot is resource newsletter for women👩🏾‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏽‍💻 Entrepreneurs, Innovators💡, Rule-breakers🚨, and Content Creators📝 to help them level up📈. Get exclusive access to resources and opportunities by becoming a part of our driven community!
Launched a year ago · $10/month