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Curated financial news, analysis and commentary with an emphasis on distressed investing, restructuring and bankruptcy. We discuss disruption, from the vantage point of the disrupted.
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Jonah’s Growth Stocks
Jonah's newsletter includes deep-dive writeups on his favorite growth stocks plus some quarterly updates and CEO interviews.
By Jonah Lupton · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
The MacroTourist
The almost daily email about markets from Kevin Muir.
By Kevin Muir · Thousands of subscribers · $35/month
The Bear Cave
Exposing Corporate Misconduct
By Edwin Dorsey · Hundreds of subscribers · $44/month
Grit Capital
Gain a finance edge in 5 minutes weekly. I am a former +$100M portfolio manager now managing my own money. Join the +40k hedge funds, billionaires, investment advisors & regular investors who are “Relentlessly Chasing ROI”
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Une newsletter sur les finances personnelles avec une approche plus pratique que théorique. Si comme plus de 16 300 abonnés (dont 2 670 Premiums) vous souhaitez mieux gérer vos finances, vous êtes au bon endroit. 🤗
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TSOH Investment Research Service
Complete access to the investment research and portfolio activity of an experienced equities analyst. If you're looking for thoughtful analysis on high-quality, publicly traded companies, as well as total portfolio transparency, this service is for you.
By The Science of Hitting · Hundreds of subscribers · $49/month
The Overshoot
Making sense of the global economy and financial markets
By Matthew C. Klein · Hundreds of subscribers · $18/month
Net Interest
Financial sector themes
By Marc Rubinstein · Hundreds of subscribers · $25/month
Ironsides Macroeconomics 'It's Never Different This Time'
Macroeconomic and public policy investment strategy
By Barry C. Knapp · Hundreds of subscribers · $89/month
The Lund Loop
Strategies, setups, and insights for active traders and investors.
By Brian Lund · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Alpha Letter
Deep dive analysis into the market with occasional stock picks for paid subscribers.
Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
QTR’s Fringe Finance
Liberty. Finance. Bullshit.
By Quoth the Raven · Hundreds of subscribers · $16.99/month
Asian Century Stocks
Asian value stock delivered to your inbox. Subscribe below for free weekly updates.
By Michael Fritzell · Hundreds of subscribers · $30/month
Value Investing World
Curating multidisciplinary investing, business, and other readings.
By Joe Koster · Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Backpacker Finance Golden Circle Membership & Newsletter
Bi-weekly investing newsletter, with in-depth stock deep-dives, portfolio sharing, and daily private Slack community
By Danny Baldus-Strauss · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Front Month
The biggest stories among financial exchanges, every Friday.
By Hide Not Slide · Hundreds of subscribers · $24.99/month
The Lens
Economic analysis, research, and commentary using the lens of MMT
By Stephanie Kelton · Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
The Transcript
Weekly Quotes from Earnings Calls
Hundreds of subscribers · $25/month
Neckar’s New Money
Exploring the business of life and investing.
Hundreds of subscribers · $12/month
Investment Talk
Complete access to my investment research, portfolio activity, market commentary, guest interviews, and personal writings. I work as a full-time independent equity analyst, and all of my output is shared here.
By Occasio Capital · Hundreds of subscribers · $15/month
Pinecone Weekly Brief
What Chase is focused on this week - a snippet from PMR's Flagship Cascade Letter
By Chase Taylor · Hundreds of subscribers · $9/month
Coffee Microcaps Newsletter
A newsletter looking at Australian microcap stocks and microcap investing in general
By Mark Tobin · Launched a year ago · A$20/month
Uncommon Profits
A micro and small cap investment research newsletter for retail and professional investors interested in competitively advantaged, undervalued, publicly traded stocks.
By Luke Wolgram · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
SPX Trader's Newsletter
Weekly trading outlook for short term S&P Index and Nasdaq. Some popular stocks for swing trades
Launched 10 months ago · $55/month