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recipes. stories. unsolicited advice.
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The Bittman Project
Food is everything
Thousands of subscribers · $7/month
A food newsletter for novel times. Vittles publishes food and culture writing from across the world, platforming writers, illustrators and chefs, particularly those not given space within traditional food media.
Thousands of subscribers · £4/month
What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking
one ridiculously impressive complete-meal recipe delivered to your inbox every sunday morning that dirties minimal dishes and requires under an hour of time.
By caroline chambers · Thousands of subscribers · $5/month
David Lebovitz Newsletter
A tasty mix of recipes, Paris food bites, personal stories..and lots of other subjects focusing on food and travel. Sign up and get my newsletter delivered right to your Inbox!
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From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
I’m a writer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I send out a weekly essay on issues in food, from politics and climate change to culture and labor. Paid subscribers also receive the Friday interviews and have access to recipes.
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The Department of Salad: Official Bulletin
Step into our salad laboratory. We got your leafy greens, your grains, your veg, and protein. Plus: salady guests, salady books & recipes, recipes, recipes 🥗
By emily nunn · Thousands of subscribers · $5.50/month
Kitchen Projects
Taking the Recipe Development process from behind the scenes directly to you. Part toolkit, part love letter to food, this is a deep dive into dessert and pastries.
By Nicola Lamb · Hundreds of subscribers · £5/month
Dinner: A Love Story
A newsletter devoted to the family meal, however you define “family” and however you define “meal.” Written by the NY Times bestselling author of the Dinner: A Love Story book series.
By Jenny Rosenstrach · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
A Piece of Cake
A new recipe every week, from Bill Clark. Mostly easy, sometimes a project, always a nice little thing in your inbox.
By Bill Clark · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Cocktails With Suderman
The home bartender's guide.
By Peter Suderman · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
A weekly breaducational newsletter from Andrew Janjigian ( "Pedantic crap!"—A (former) reader
By Andrew Janjigian · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
illyanna Maisonet's Newsletter
California and Puerto Rico
Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Stained Page News
Cookbook fans, you have come to the right place.
By Paula Forbes · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
A Small and Simple Thing
Subpar musings on cooking, cocktails, product discoveries, music, travel, style and other personal anecdotes - mostly centered around food and drink, but sometimes not at all.
By Brooks Reitz · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
The Soup
Dispatches on Community, Dinner, and a Life Well Loved
By Shannan Martin · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Not Drinking Poison
Natural wine culture, by Aaron Ayscough. Reporting from Paris since 2010.
By Aaron Ayscough · Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Family Meal
(Usually) good news for and about the restaurant industry.
By Andrew · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Ómós Digest
Collecting and sharing food stories, recipes, and knowledge from our growing community.
Hundreds of subscribers · €5/month
Why to cook
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The Jewish Table
recipes + stories from the world of jewish food, by leah koenig
By Leah Koenig · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
The Amateur Gourmet Newsletter
Recipes, restaurant reviews, and links to the best food stuff on the web every Monday and Thursday.
By Adam Roberts · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Highlighted by Highly Enthused
Highly Enthused is a podcast that acts as your shortcut to cool stuff to eat, drink, read, listen to, watch, do or buy. Sign up for our free run-down of links to everything featured in each episode, or subscribe for a bonus, themed monthly newsletter.
Hundreds of subscribers · A$5/month
Jane Cooks For You
everything I'm cooking, learning, and using in my colorful little kitchen
Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
The Food Section
Covering food and drink across the American South as though it mattered as much as crime and politics (because it does.)
By Hanna Raskin · Hundreds of subscribers · $9/month