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News at the intersection of Silicon Valley and democracy. Delivered Monday through Thursday at 5PM Pacific.
By Casey Newton · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
The Diff
Inflections in finance and tech
By Byrne Hobart · Thousands of subscribers · $20/month
Chinese Characteristics
Chinese tech longform analysis
By Lillian Li · Hundreds of subscribers · $35/month
Where technology and venture capital intersect: A deeply reported newsletter on the inner workings of the startup industry written by Eric Newcomer.
Thousands of subscribers · $15/month
Uncharted Territories
How to Win in the World of Tomorrow
By Tomas Pueyo · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
Technically explains software and hardware in a simple and engaging way so you can impress your boss.
By Justin Gage · Thousands of subscribers · $8/month
Subscribe to stay up-to-date with the most relevant projects and research papers in the AI world. Trusted by 102,000+ readers professionals.
Thousands of subscribers · $5/month
The GameDiscoverCo newsletter
Analysis, data and insight about how people find & buy video games in the 2020s.
By Simon Carless · Hundreds of subscribers · $15/month
The Pull Request
Technology, media, culture, religion and the collisions therein, from your utterly basic Cuban Jewish writer-technologist.
By Antonio García Martínez · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Thinking about...
Opening the future by understanding the past.
By Timothy Snyder · Hundreds of subscribers · $6/month
Pirate Wires
technology, politics, culture
By Mike Solana · Hundreds of subscribers · $8/month
Hardcore Software
Personal stories and lessons from inside the rise and fall of the PC revolution
By Steven Sinofsky · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
The Pragmatic Engineer
A weekly column with advice, observations, and inspiration across the software engineering industry. Especially relevant for engineering managers and senior engineers at big tech and startups.
By Gergely Orosz · Hundreds of subscribers · $15/month
Garbage Day
A newsletter about having fun online by Ryan Broderick.
By Ryan Broderick · Thousands of subscribers · $5/month
Liberty’s Highlights
Investing & business, science & technology, and the arts.
By Liberty RPF · Hundreds of subscribers · $12/month
UX Movement Newsletter
Become a master at user experience design.
By Anthony · Hundreds of subscribers · $15/month
dobry для своих
Love, bits and atoms.
By Andrey Doronichev · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
This Week in Fintech
A weekly digest of news, opinions, and all things financial technology.
By Nik Milanović · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Design Mom
A newsletter where we can be curious about everything.
By Gabrielle Stanley Blair · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Since 2007 we cover startups from the point of their first funding. Our startup-radar list startups even earlier. This is a paid newsletter for professional investors who want to know every startup which gets kicked-off in the DACH region.
By Alexander Hüsing · Launched 2 years ago · €39/month
The Matt Allen Letter
Matt Allen writes a weekly letter to thousands of investors about business, technology, finance, and Stocks. This letter is read by hedge fund managers and main street investors. The Premium Newsletter is all our stock picks as we make them.
By Matt Allen · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Simon Owens's Media Newsletter
A newsletter about how publishers create, distribute, and monetize their digital content. This newsletter is free to subscribe to.
By Simon Owens's Tech and Media Newsletter · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
The Geyser — Hot Takes & Deep Thinking on the Info Economy
Examining the worlds of publishing, media strategy, business, technology, editing, innovation, and other things. Trying to humanize the information economy. Optimism via criticism.
Hundreds of subscribers · $12/month
Age of Invention, by Anton Howes
Tales from the history of innovation.
Launched 2 years ago · £10/month
The Why Axis
Making data fun again
By Christopher Ingraham · Hundreds of subscribers · $6/month