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Lenny's Newsletter
A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that’s stressing you out at the office
Thousands of subscribers · $15/month
Economics and other interesting stuff
by Noah Smith · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
Nongaap Investing
An ex-activist investor who writes about tech, corporate governance, the power & friction of incentives, strategy, interpersonal board dynamics, and activist fights.
by Mike · Hundreds of subscribers · $39/month
The Ankler
The newsletter Hollywood loves to hate and hates to love
by Richard Rushfield · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
DeFi Pulse Farmer
Your go-to newsletter for all things yield farming. Made with honest work by DeFi Pulse.
Hundreds of subscribers · $50/month
The Profile
The Profile features the best long-form stories on people and companies in business, tech, sports, entertainment, and more.
by Polina Marinova Pompliano · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
Who's new in the Boardroom and C-suite...
by george fleck · Thousands of subscribers · $10/month
The Fintech Blueprint
Lex Sokolin's fintech analysis on how blockchain & DeFi, neobanks & roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and other innovation themes are rewiring financial services
by Lex · Hundreds of subscribers · $24/month
Original Jurisdiction
News, views, and colorful commentary about law and the legal profession.
by David Lat · Thousands of subscribers · $5/month
Yet Another Value Blog
Yet Another Value Blog applies a modern value investor's eye to quirky special situations and investing.
Hundreds of subscribers · $199.99/month
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts
Thoughts on Money and Life
Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month
Sake Industry News
Know More. Appreciate More. Sake News for the Informed Professional.
Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Category Pirates
The authority on category design/category creation.
Hundreds of subscribers · $20/month
The Broccoli Report
News and Analysis for Creative Cannabis Entrepreneurs
by Broccoli · Hundreds of subscribers · $8/month
A Lawyer Writes
Essential updates from Joshua Rozenberg QC (hon), UK's most experienced full-time legal commentator. Enemies of the People? is his most recent book. See also:
by Joshua Rozenberg · Hundreds of subscribers · £4.99/month
Business Breakdowns
Like reading a 10-k, but infinitely better.
by Ryan Reeves
European Straits
The Entrepreneurial Age, viewed from Europe
by Nicolas Colin
Blogging Guide
Learn how to make money writing online, navigate the digital publishing landscape, and join the passion economy! ✔️ Medium ✔️ Substack ✔️ Amazon KDP ✔️ Blogging ✔️ Newsletters ✔️ Digital Marketing
by Casey Botticello · Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Fully Alive @Work
Not only imagining a better way to work but building it. Together.
by Nilofer Merchant · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
Checking In with Kat Cole
Simple, powerful lessons on bringing more humility, curiosity and courage to our decisions, businesses, families and communities. I 'check in' with outside perspectives, best practices in leadership, branding, relationships and more.
L'Atelier Galita
Chaque matin de la semaine à 09h00 reçois un email anti-zombie. Plutôt que de scroller le matin sans but au réveil...reçois une friandise d'inspiration. L'inverse des actualités : que du contenu intemporel, utile et épanouissant.
by Nicolas Galita · Hundreds of subscribers · €6.99/month
Speak Up
A voice for those without.
Hundreds of subscribers · $10/month
Permission Granted
A newsletter about wellness, sort of. I'm sharing my experience finding my way through the world that allows for skepticism, joy, humanity, mistakes, candy, and a decent dose of self-reflection. Also, product recs for stuff I've bought/watched/read.
by Molly · Hundreds of subscribers · $5/month
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Timeless & Timely
Become a better leader, communicator, and human with advice and counsel from the past for the issues of today.
by Scott Monty · Hundreds of subscribers · $7/month