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Trying to understand...
Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander
Blackbird Spyplane
by Blackbird Spyplane
The Contender
by David Coggins
Alex Danco's Newsletter
by Alex Danco
by Luke Burgis
Cabinet of Wonders
by Samuel Arbesman
by Adam Tooze
Chris Arnade Walks the World
by Chris Arnade
Coding Cat
by Nick Chen
The Common Reader
by Henry Oliver
The Commonplace
by Thomas J Bevan
Complexity Condensed
by Louis Pereira
A Continuous Lean
by Michael Williams
The Curious Maverick
by Soundarya Balasubramani
Deeply Nested
by Jeff Schwab
Devon's wanderings
by Devon
Don't Worry About the Vase
by Zvi Mowshowitz
Dwarkesh Podcast
by Dwarkesh Patel
by Dan Shipper
Experimental History
by Adam Mastroianni
Freddie deBoer
by Freddie deBoer
Guzey's Best of Twitter
by Alexey Guzey Newsletter
by gwern
Jonathan's Patch Notes
by Jonathan Borichevskiy
by Julian Lehr
by Fergus McCullough
Justin Smith-Ruiu’s Hinternet
by Justin Smith-Ruiu
luttig's learnings
by John Luttig
The Magnet
by Mark Frauenfelder
The Map is Mostly Water
by Simon Sarris
Monday Musings by David Perell
by David Perell
by Nadia
The Next
by Justin Mares
by Noah Smith
Pirate Wires
by Mike Solana
by Jørgen Veisdal
The Pull Request
by Antonio García Martínez
Quick Brown Fox
by Salman Ansari
by ravi
by Ross Douthat
Remains of the Day
by Eugene Wei
Resident Contrarian
by Resident Contrarian
Ribbonfarm Studio
by Venkatesh Rao
roon’s blog
by roon
The Ruffian
by Ian Leslie
Sasha's 'Newsletter'
by Sasha Chapin
Slow Boring
by Matthew Yglesias
A Small and Simple Thing
by Brooks Reitz
The Stand-Up
by Scott Spence
Susan Rigetti
by Susan Fowler Rigetti
Tania’s List
by Tania Rascia
by Justin
by Tom
The Waterfront
by Jay Riverlong
by Whimsi
Why is this interesting?
by Noah Brier
The Works in Progress Newsletter
by Works in Progress
by Ryan Gilbert
Yolo Intel
by Yolanda Edwards
Zero Credibility
by Slava Akhmechet