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Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality
by Brad DeLong
Breaking the News
by James Fallows
by Adam Tooze
The Klonickles
by Kate Klonick
by Noah Smith
Slow Boring
by Matthew Yglesias
Amazon Chronicles
by Tim Carmody
Amentum Capital
by Amentum Capital
BIG by Matt Stoller
by Matt Stoller
The Bittman Project
by The Editors
Brie's Wax
by Brie Wolfson
The Broken Binnacle
by James O'Reilly
ChinAI Newsletter
by Jeffrey Ding
Christopher’s Newsletter
by Christopher M. Schroeder
The Connector
by Micah L. Sifry
Daniel Pinchbeck’s Newsletter
by Daniel Pinchbeck
Data: Made Not Found (by danah)
by danah boyd
Davis Summarizes Papers
by Davis Blalock
Deep (Learning) Focus
by Cameron R. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Deep into the Forest
by Bharath Ramsundar
European Straits
by Nicolas Colin
From the desk of Kirsty Allison
by Kirsty Allison
Jeremiah’s Substack
by Jeremiah Wagstaff
Karen's Letter
by Karen Christensen
Living the Dream
by francine hardaway
MCJ Collective Newsletter
by MCJ Collective
No Fun Mag
by Jess Henderson
One Useful Thing
by Ethan Mollick
by Casey Newton
Popular Information
by Judd Legum
The Shake
by Zach Brown
Still Rush by Peter Corbett
by Peter Corbett
Summation and Five Links by Auren Hoffman
by Auren Hoffman
That Trippi Show
by Joe Trippi - That Trippi Show
This is going to be BIG
by Charlie O'Donnell
This Week In Voice VIP
by Bradley Metrock
Tomas Pueyo
by Tomas Pueyo
The Valkyrie
by Valkyrie
The Works in Progress Newsletter
by Works in Progress