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Abi Daily
by Abi Roberts
Aether Pirates of the Matterium!
by clif high
Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
by Dr. Paul Alexander
bad cattitude
by el gato malo
Badlands Media
by Badlands Media
Bailiwick News
by Katherine Watt
A Better Way to Health with Dr Tess Lawrie
by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​
Bev Turner's Swimming Against The Tide
by Bev Turner 🌸
Broken Custodians from UsForThem
by UsForThem
Clandestine’s Newsletter
by Clandestine
Coquin de Chien’s Newsletter
by Coquin de Chien
Covid Myth Buster Series
by Marc Girardot
Dead Man Talking
by Joel Smalley
Deep Dives and Articles by Gummi Bear
by Gummi Bear
The Defeat Of COVID
by Dr. Colleen Huber
The Digger
by Phil Harper
Dr. Ingrid Naiman [@ingridnaiman]
Dr. Tenpenny's Eye on the Evidence
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Edward Slavsquat
by Edward Slavsquat
enna and friends restoring Human Paths
by enna
eugyppius: a plague chronicle
by eugyppius
The Free Mind
by Laura Dodsworth
by David Thunder
Future of Communications
by Martin Geddes
George’ Webb Task Force Orange Journal
by George Webb
Gregory’s Newsletter
by Gregory Mannarino
Harnessing the Power of Nutrients
by Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Iain Davis Substack
by Iain Davis
Igor’s Newsletter
by Igor Chudov
Investor Audio
by Igli Laci
James Delingpole
by James Delingpole
James Roguski
by James Roguski
Julius Ruechel
by Julius Ruechel
Karen’s Newsletter
by Karen Harradine
Liz Crokin Report
by Liz Crokin
The Mariachi Years
by Monica Hughes PhD
The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter
by NE -
Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf
by Dr Naomi Wolf
Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series
by Jon Herold
Pepe’s Fren Zone
by Pepe Lives Matter
Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings
by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA
QTR’s Fringe Finance
by Quoth the Raven
The Quickening Report
by Patrick Wood
Racket News
by Matt Taibbi
Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
by Maajid Nawaz
Rise of the New Media Newsletter
by Brian Cates
Rise UK
by Ben Rubin
by Schwab
by Joe Allen
The State of Britain by Richard Lyon
by Richard Lyon
Steve Kirsch's newsletter
by Steve Kirsch
TheBigLie2023’s Substack
by TheBigLie2023
The Truth Barrier
by Celia Farber
by TruthBoost
Unacceptable Jessica
by Jessica Rose
by Frances Leader
Unreported Truths
by Alex Berenson
by Toby Rogers
by Adam Gaertner
Vigilant News
by The Vigilant Fox
Voice for Science and Solidarity by Geert Vanden Bossche
by Geert Vanden Bossche
Who is Robert Malone
by Robert W Malone MD, MS
The Wolf Den
by The Wolf Den