Petrichor Soliloquy


Astral Codex Ten

Scott Alexander

Amazon Chronicles

Tim Carmody

Freddie deBoer

Freddie deBoer


Ross Douthat

Complexity Condensed

Louis Pereira

Slow Boring

Matthew Yglesias

Letters from an American

Heather Cox Richardson

The Fox Is Black

The Fox Is Black

Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

Virginia Sole-Smith

The Audacity.

Roxane Gay

Brain Dump

Mike Isaac

The Corners by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz-Weber

The Art of Noticing

Rob Walker

The Magnet

Mark Frauenfelder

Culture Study

Anne Helen Petersen

The Quartermaster

Brady Moore

Why is this interesting?

Noah Brier

Galaxy Brain

Charlie Warzel