by Heather Havrilesky
by Lauren Hough
The Real Sarah Miller
by The Real Sarah Miller
Adventures In "Journalism" by Sari Botton
by Sari Botton
by AC Shilton
Ask E. Jean
by E. Jean Carroll
Ask Polly
by Heather Havrilesky
The Audacity.
by Roxane Gay
The Best Place The Worst Place
by Eva Hagberg
Big Salad
by Joanna Goddard
The Compass
by Uncharted Books
Dinner: A Love Story
by Jenny Rosenstrach
The Dry Down
by Rachel
Evil Witches Newsletter
by Claire Zulkey
THE FEELING by Kate Carraway
by Kate Carraway
From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
by Alicia Kennedy
Hi Everyone with Hillary Kerr
by Hillary Kerr
I've Got a Feeling
by Molly Wizenberg
Imitation of the Rose
by Thessaly La Force
I’m Walking Here
by Liz Gumbinner
Julia’s Newsletter
by Julia Madsen
Lickedspoon with Debora Robertson
by Debora Robertson 🦀
by laura reilly
Magpie by Rachel Syme
by Rachel Syme
Men Yell at Me
by lyz
Mental Hellth
by P.E. Moskowitz
a newsletter
by Alison Roman
Nicole Knows
by Nicole Cliffe
Oldster Magazine
by Sari Botton
The Platypusary
by Eden (formerly Mrs.) Kennedy
Shaved Meats, Piled High
by Laura Lippman
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
by Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
by Sophia Efthimiatou
The Spread
by Rachel Baker & Maggie Bullock
Strange Times
by W.M Akers
Substack Reads
by Substack
The Unpublishable
by Jessica DeFino
The Vajenda
by Dr. Jen Gunter
Welcome to Hell World
by Luke O'Neil
A Writer's Notebook
by Summer Brennan
You Get In Love And Then
by Ella Risbridger