Ben Wheeler 

Programmer, teacher, gumbo cooker
Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander
by Sarah Wheeler
Popular Information
by Judd Legum
Slow Boring
by Matthew Yglesias
The Adventures of Blake
by Blake Boles
AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans
by Melanie Mitchell
The Arcade Artificer
by JB Oger
Atlas of Wonders and Monsters
by Étienne Fortier-Dubois
The Best of Journalism
by Conor Friedersdorf
Chaoyang Trap
by Chaoyang Trap
Charlotte's Web Thoughts
by Charlotte Clymer
by Adam Alexander
Competitive Philosophy
by Scott Stevenson
Concrete Avalanche
by Jake
creative attention
by Emily Stoddard
Cultivating Resilience
by Jason Shen
by J.
Dan Davies - "Back of Mind"
by Dan Davies
Donita Reason
by Angela Garbes
Edtech Insiders
by Alex Sarlin
EdTech Thoughts
by Matthew Tower
the examined family
by Courtney Martin
Experimental History
by Adam Mastroianni
Fab Fridays
by Ana Lorena Fabrega
by Nuño Sempere
Freddie deBoer
by Freddie deBoer
Garbage Day
by Ryan Broderick
Growing Wiser
by Chris Balme
GSV: AI & Education
by Claire Zau
How Things Work
by Hamilton Nolan
Inner Wilds
by River Kenna
by zeynep
Institute for Progress
by Institute for Progress
Josh's Semi-Occasional Newsletter with updates
by Joshua
by Aella
Krugman wonks out
by Paul Krugman
by Misha Saul
Learning By Design
by David Fu
The Lost Tools of Learning
by Brandon Hendrickson
Magpie by Rachel Syme
by Rachel Syme
Marc Andreessen Substack
by Marc Andreessen
Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk
by Margins
Muddy Clothes
by Julian Hazell
My Bookshelf Runneth Over
by Willy Chertman
My New Band Is
by Elizabeth Spiers
Nothing for the Group
by Lauren Halvorsen
Nothing Human
by Ivan Vendrov
Ordinary Plots: Meditations on Poems + Verse
by Devin Kelly
Political Currents by Ross Barkan
by Ross Barkan
The Pragmatic Engineer
by Gergely Orosz
Sasha's 'Newsletter'
by Sasha Chapin
Signal Problems
by Aaron Gordon
Silver Bulletin
by Nate Silver
by Jesse Singal
Solitary American
by Paul Geller
spencer's paradoxes
by Spencer Chang
starting from nix
by Nix 🕊
by Anand Giridharadas
Thinking about...
by Timothy Snyder
Thursday Letter
by Bjorn Larsen
The Time of Monsters
by Jeet Heer
Tinkering Together
by Celeste Moreno
Transcend Newsletter
by Alberto Arenaza
The Trend Report™
by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick
Water for the Mind
by ———
Welcome to Hell World
by Luke O'Neil
The White Pages
by Garrett Bucks