Angeline Adams

Co-author of THE RED MAN AND OTHERS, a collection of New Wave Sword & Sorcery fiction. Gathers books like books gather dust.

Everything Is True

Ada Hoffmann

Overthinking Everything

David R. MacIver


Jude Ellison Sady Doyle

Milkfed Dispatches

Kelly Sue DeConnick


samantha irby

Conversations (With Van Gogh?)

Hannah Aine-Smith

Notes on Monstrosity

Magen Cubed

Emily Gould Can't Complain

Emily Gould

i absolutely am going to bail on this in a month

Paul Ford

Everything Happened

Evie Ebert

The Wazzock's Review

Grace Lavery šŸ¬

The NOS-Letter


Expanding Awareness

Michael Ashcroft

Too Early Old, Too Late Smart

Jeremy D. Nichols aka #1 Bronc

Webworm with David Farrier

David Farrier

Dari Mulut ke Mulut

Erin Cook

Writing Pin: For Writers With Dayjobs

Jessica Maybury

Everything Happened

Evie Ebert

The Shatner Chatner

Daniel Lavery

The Intelligence of Honey

Saeed Jones

Amal Content

Amal El-Mohtar


Iain Broome

Nikesh's Writing Tips

Nikesh Shukla

Nicole Knows

Nicole Cliffe

Ask a Queer Chick

Lindsay King-Miller

True Stories from Katherine May

Katherine May

Writing True Stories

Katherine May

Thinking Out Loud

Michael Ashcroft

Wolf Tree

Zoƫ Selengut

Autistic Woman


Happy Dancing

Charlie Jane Anders

Isaac's Law

Isaac Fellman

Telltale Crumbs from Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater

Gentle Decline

Drew Shiel

Publishing Is Hard