David Riceman 

The Abbey of Misrule
by Paul Kingsnorth
Abu Aardvark's MENA Academy
by Marc Lynch
Adam's Legal Newsletter
by Adam Unikowsky
Age of Invention, by Anton Howes
by Anton Howes
Alan Dershowitz Newsletter
by Alan Dershowitz
Apricitas Economics
by Joseph Politano
by Matthew B. Crawford
Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander
by Booksmart Studios
Benjamin Weingarten
by Benjamin Weingarten
BowTied Bull
by BowTied Bull
Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality
by Brad DeLong
Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology
Chosen By Choice
by Nellie Bowles
Cookery Monster
by Megan McArdle
The Cosmopolitan Globalist
by Claire Berlinski
by Neal Katyal
David Friedman’s Substack
by David Friedman
Davis Summarizes Papers
by Davis Blalock
Don Surber
by Don Surber
Don't Worry About the Vase
by Zvi Mowshowitz
Drezner’s World
by Daniel W. Drezner
An Eccentric Culinary History
by H.D. Miller
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
by Larry Kotlikoff
Etz Hasadeh
by Zohar Atkins
Freddie deBoer
by Freddie deBoer
The Free Press
by Bari Weiss
Full Stack Economics
by Timothy B Lee
Get What's Yours
by Phil Moeller
Glenn Greenwald
by Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Loury
by Glenn Loury
Glenn’s Substack
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Gray Mirror
by Curtis Yarvin
Ground Truths
by Eric Topol
Growing to Truth
by Kiyah
Hal Johnson Books
by Hal Johnson
Heterodox STEM
by Dorian Abbot
The Honest Broker
by Ted Gioia
The Honest Broker
by Roger Pielke Jr.
House of Wisdom
by Hussain Abdul-Hussain
Imperfect Information
by Rajiv Sethi
The Intrinsic Perspective
by Erik Hoel
Introvert Drawing Club
by Beth Spencer
Israel from the Inside with Daniel Gordis
by Daniel Gordis
It Bears Mentioning
by John McWhorter
Journal of Free Black Thought
by Free Black Thought
Journal of Free Speech Law
by Journal of Free Speech Law
Just Emil Kirkegaard Things
by Emil O. W. Kirkegaard
by Mickey Kaus
The Knighton Experiment
by Tom Knighton
by Misha Saul
Letters from an American
by Heather Cox Richardson
The Line
by Line Editor
Lorenzo from Oz
by Lorenzo Warby
Machines + Society
by Mako Shen
Making Economics Matter
by Russell Cooper
Maximum Truth
by Maxim Lott
Melanie Phillips
by Melanie Phillips
Model Citizen
by Will Wilkinson
Natural Selections
by Heather Heying
Nonzero Newsletter
by Robert Wright
Not On Your Team, But Always Fair
by Helen Dale
Notes from the Middleground
by Damon Linker
OpenTheBooks Substack
by Adam Andrzejewski
Original Jurisdiction
by David Lat
Out of the Ordinary
by Simon Bazelon
Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf
by Dr Naomi Wolf
Personal Finance Economics
by Robert Puelz
The Popehat Report
by Ken White
Progress and Poverty
by Joseph Addington
The Pull Request
by Antonio García Martínez
Racket News
by Matt Taibbi
Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning
by Razib Khan
by Ross Douthat
Reasonable Essays
by Sean Patrick Hughes
The Redneck Intellectual by C. Bradley Thompson
by C. Bradley Thompson
Richard Hanania's Newsletter
by Richard Hanania
Ringside at the Reckoning
by Paul Mirengoff and Bill Otis
Rob Henderson's Newsletter
by Rob Henderson
Russian Dissent
by Matt Taibbi
The Scroll
by The Scroll
Shapiro's Gavel
by Ilya Shapiro
by Bill Bishop
Slow Boring
by Matthew Yglesias
Stoic Observations
by Michael David Cobb Bowen
Stream of Randomness
by Philippe Lemoine
Substack Reads
by Substack
by Michael David Cobb Bowen
TheNeverEndingFall’s Newsletter
by TheNeverEndingFall
Thing of Things
by Ozy Brennan
Tilting At Windmills
by Tom Knighton
The Truth Fairy
by Abigail Shrier
Understanding AI
by Timothy B Lee
Unsolicited Advice from Erin Lowry
by Erin Lowry
The Upheaval
by N.S. Lyons
Vanguard Anthology
by Leber
The View from Culllingworth
by Simon Cooke
The Weekly Dish
by Andrew Sullivan
by Dr RollerGator PhD
What Is Called Thinking?
by Zohar Atkins
Who the Heck Is Jim Treacher
by Jim Treacher
Wood From Eden
by Anders L
World Game
by Bruno Maçães
Year Zero
by Wesley Yang