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Adjacent Possible
by Steven Johnson
AI Supremacy
by Michael Spencer
by Adam Tooze
by David Houle
From My Orange Desk
by Patti Digh
Fully Alive @Work
by Nilofer Merchant
The Hyphen by Emma Gannon
by Emma Gannon
OK Doomer
by Jessica Wildfire
The Overlap
by Tim Casasola
Rethink with Rachel
by Rachel Botsman
The Snap Forward
by Alex Steffen
Work Futures
by Stowe Boyd
The Abbey of Misrule
by Paul Kingsnorth
Actionable AI Ethics
by Abhishek Gupta
by Andreas Welsch
AI Policy Perspectives
by AI Policy Perspectives
The AI Prophesy
by Bība
AI Snake Oil
by Sayash Kapoor
AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans
by Melanie Mitchell
Board Shorts™
by Henri Eliot
Boardroom Governance Newsletter
by Evan Epstein
CEO Futures Briefing
by Nikolas Badminton, Futurist
The Convivial Society
by L. M. Sacasas
Create a Future-Fit Culture
by Geoff Marlow
curious patterns
by Kai Brennert
by Paris Marx
Exponential View by Azeem Azhar
by Azeem Azhar
For Future Reference
by Rodrigo Mota
The Future Normal
by Henry Coutinho-Mason
Gig Mindsetters – a Bold New Breed - from NetJmc
by Jane McConnell
Ground-Up Governance
by Matt Fullbrook
How Did X Become Y? (by Roosh)
by Roosh
Imperfect notes on an imperfect world
by Christopher Hobson
by zeynep
John @Furrier Newsletter
Just Two Things
by Andrew Curry
Kneeling Bus
by Drew Austin
by Laëtitia Vitaud
The Long View: A Field Guide
by Richard Fisher
The Map is Mostly Water
by Simon Sarris
Network Capital
by Network Capital
New World Same Humans
by David Mattin
by Noah Smith
Nonzero Newsletter
by Robert Wright
On Substack
by Substack Writers
On The Horizon
by Stowe Boyd
The Owner's Guide to the Future
by Robert Tercek
Skilling Me Softly
by Dr. Michelle R. Weise
The Sociology of Business
by Ana Andjelic
Strategy and Futures Research Unit
by David Mattin
Strategy in Praxis
by JP Castlin
Substack Reads
by Substack
Unpsychology Voices
by Steve Thorp
Weak signals and other trends
by Estelle Metayer @competia
Workforce Futurist
by Andy Spence
by Stowe Boyd