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Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
by Peter McCullough, MD
COVIDsteria + Tales From the Great Reset
by Citizen Satirist (CS)
Meryl’s COVID Newsletter
by Meryl Nass
News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller
by Mark Crispin Miller
Who is Robert Malone
by Robert W Malone MD, MS
Aaron Mate
by Aaron Maté
Anne Can't Stand It!
by Anne Gibbons
Bailiwick News
by Katherine Watt
by John Titus
BIG by Matt Stoller
by Matt Stoller
Construction Physics
by Brian Potter
Data Chinchilla’s Newsletter
by Data Chinchilla
Dead Man Talking
by Joel Smalley
Derrick Broze's Journalism
by Derrick Broze
The Digger
by Phil Harper
Dominic Frisby's Comedy News
by Dominic Frisby
Down The Rabbit Hole
by Rebecca Strong
Dr Sam Bailey
by Dr Sam Bailey
Dr. Mercola's Censored Library (Private Membership)
by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Due Diligence and Art
by Sasha Latypova
Edward Slavsquat
by Edward Slavsquat
eugyppius: a plague chronicle
by eugyppius
Experimental History
by Adam Mastroianni
How To Subvert Subversion with Yuri Bezmenov
by Yuri Bezmenov
Igor’s Newsletter
by Igor Chudov
Injecting Freedom
by Aaron Siri
An Insult to Intuition
by Madhava Setty
Investigate Everything with Brian O'Shea
by Brian O'Shea
Irina Slav on energy
by Irina Slav
Jackanapes Junction
by Josh Guetzkow
Jefferey Jaxen on Substack
by Jefferey Jaxen
Jon Rappoport
by Jon Rappoport
by Christopher Brunet
Klement on Investing
by Joachim Klement
Let's Be Clear
by Joomi
Lies are Unbekoming
by Unbekoming
Marco Polo
by Marco Polo
Milo Mac Newsletter
by Milo Mac
One Foot in the Gravy
by Bill Heath
Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings
by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA
Racket News
by Matt Taibbi
Rational Ground by Justin Hart
by Rational Ground
RESCUE with Michael Capuzzo
by Michael Capuzzo
Roaring 20s by Tate
by Tate
Rounding the Earth Newsletter
by Mathew Crawford
The Scott Horton Show
by Scott Horton
Screaming into the Void
by SimulationCommander
Seymour Hersh
by Seymour Hersh
Silent Lunch, The David Zweig Newsletter
by David Zweig
Stan's Two Cents
by Stanley Sheppard
STUMP - Meep on public finance, pensions, mortality and more
by Mary Pat Campbell
Things Hidden in Complexity
by Moriarty
Transcriber B’s Substack
by Transcriber B
The Truth Barrier
by Celia Farber
Tulsi Gabbard
by Tulsi Gabbard
Vibrant Life
by Jennifer Margulis
Vinay Prasad's Observations and Thoughts
by Vinay Prasad
Vinu’s Newsletter
by Vinu Arumugham #Kennedy24
Voice for Science and Solidarity by Geert Vanden Bossche
by Geert Vanden Bossche
Web of Debt
by Ellen Brown
Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil
by Martin Neil
by Stephanie Brail
☕️ Coffee & Covid 2023 🦠
by Jeff Childers