2cb's Weekly Touchbase
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Aristophanes Athenaeum
by Aristophanes
Astral Flight Simulation
by Astral
Aurochs, Arthur, and the Anvil
by Aurochs
Barbarization à la Japonaise
by Masaki
Billionaire Psycho
by Billionaire Psycho
by Monophthalmos
Delicious Tacos
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Dispatches from the Past.
by Martin
The Dorian Invasion
by Lycurgus
Egg Report
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Endeavour’s Substack
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The Fahrenheidt Family Archives
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Forbidden Knowledge
by Tocharus
The Forbidden Texts
by Academic Agent
Good Propaganda
by Vanya
Gray Mirror
by Curtis Yarvin
Grey Goose Chronicles
by Stone Age Herbalist
The Honest Broker
by Ted Gioia
Imperial Melodies
by Curtis Yarvin
The Jolly Heretic
by Edward Dutton
Kashi’s Golden Pavillion
by Kashi
Man-Made Horrors
by Hans Janus
Michael’s Newsletter
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Millennial Woes
by Millennial Woes
Morgoth’s Review
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Mr. and Mrs. Psmith’s Bookshelf
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Myth Pilot
by Paulos
NEETOCRACY’s Newsletter
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Phocaean and Herodotean's Substack
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Postcards From Barsoom
by John Carter
The Red Ensign
by The Black Horse
RRR’s Substack
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Ruins of Corotoman
by Lafayette Lee
Straight from the Teat
by Breast Milk Enjoyer
Substack Reads
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The Total State
by Auron MacIntyre
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Zero HP Lovecraft
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