Auren Hoffman

CEO, SafeGraph. fmr CEO, LiveRamp. geo & GIS nerd. loves: non-obvious ideas, dinner parties, weirdos, and email.

Five Links (and three graphs) by Auren Hoffman


Tech Learnings


A Closer Look with Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison


Tod Sacerdoti




The Golden Stats Warrior

Dan Kopf

Alex Danco's Newsletter

Alex Danco Newsletter

Gwern Branwen

Rougher Thoughts by Sarah Tavel

Sarah Tavel

Roshan’s Newsletter

Roshan George

Keith’s Newsletter

Keith Rabois

Steve Coast’s Musings

Steve Coast

Strategic Geospatial

Will Cadell

SafeGraph Data Stories

Evan Barry

Zack Kanter's Newsletter

Zack Kanter

The Diff

Byrne Hobart

Breaking Smart

Venkatesh Rao

Erik Torenberg's Thoughts

Erik Torenberg

Pirate Wires

Mike Solana

Brianne Kimmel's Newsletter

Brianne Kimmel

Bottom Up by David Sacks

David Sacks

Remains of the Day

Eugene Wei

luttig's learnings

John Luttig

Cathy’s Newsletter

Cathy Gao

Astral Codex Ten

Scott Alexander