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Stop Blaming Men For The Marriage Crisis

Social changes and female choice are bigger factors than guys playing video games
Charlie Kirk upset a lot of women last week. In a discussion on unmarried women preferring Democrats, he said that ladies in their 30s are past their prime and struggle to find a husband. This is obviously true, but impolite to say. Kirk’s statement naturally inspired outrage among liberals, as well as among conservatives. That shouldn’t surprise anyone…
Scott Greer ∙ 64 LIKES
The conservative inc. brain trust is brain dead when it comes to analyzing relationships between straight men and women. Blaming and shaming men or derisively referring to them as "incels" isn't going to make things better or move the needle towards higher marriage rates. They fail to take in to account ridiculously high standards of today's women and act as if they are all innocent damsels in distress.
We mock the left for their inability to deal with reality but conservatives are just has bad when it comes to dating and relationships and race relations. On dating men just need to "man up" while women are blameless and lack agency. On race they think heavy duty pandering will encourage blacks to leave the Democrat party en masse and begin donning red MAGA hats and cheering for corporate tax cuts and endless wars for Israel.
I think the other issue is that many men probably know at least one guy who's had his life nearly ruined in a divorce since the divorce laws are so lopsided in favor of women. This fact coupled with the struggles of many younger men in the dating market has caused men to check out and do their own thing since it is becoming a waste of time with little to show for it other than frustration and heart break.
Men should not be pursuing women in the workplace in today's HR climate. Most companies have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and even innocently showing interest in a girl beyond work can be construed as "sexual harassment".
Gosh I’m a sucker for all your GOOD MEN scarcity notes, mostly because you hit the freaking mail on the head perfectly.
I have so many things I wanna say but I’ll just name a few.
It sucks, but as you mentioned, meeting women at work is probably the better (100% riskiest) option, because a) with smaller social circles it’s a way to engage b) more time spent with coworkers can help dilute some of the Chad expectations that most women have. But then there’s the whole MeToo thing and awkwardness if things go south
Even going out to stuff is hard nowadays and shows how much Hawley is out of touch. I try to do things like sports leagues, spin classes, dance classes, church groups but 1) usually about a million dudes competing for the 3 chicks 2) women just are so not talkative (I guess it’s my looks) Even the church groups I go to, it’s usually mostly dudes, some have bad hygiene, some have good values but they are kinda awkward, 30% normal dudes but the women are all either a) multicultural b) fat and ugly c) young 30’s but still have the Chad delusion.
Last thing, a scary trend with college aged Zoomers, it’s seems like they are getting less and less pussy. I still keep in contact with my fraternity chapter and go to events, but I notice that even the good looking dudes in Greek life don’t pull as much tail as they used to back in the day. Could be a regional thing, maybe SEC Greek life is still like it used to be, but also it doesn’t help that these sorority chapters push and indoctrinate Girl Boss and we love Planned Parenthood bullshit.
Sorry for the rant, but this article was amazing Scott

Could Playing Video Games Actually Be Good for Your Mind?

I wrote this $500 piece for Popular Mechanics and then it was killed after it was COMPLETELY finished, for budget/restructuring reasons, which is super fun <3
Could Playing Video Games Actually Be Good for Your Mind? // By Juno Stump // Note: This piece was originally commissioned by POPULAR MECHANICS in 2023 for $500. I worked on gathering sources and research for the first five months of 2023. Writing was completed between May and September, which is when the piece was turned in.
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RFK Jr, Entitled Egotist

His spoiler campaign will likely help Trump. And he knows it
Did you know? RFK Jr shares something in common with Donald Trump: donors. That’s right! The same people supporting Trump are donating large sums to RFKs pac. What is wrong with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? Kennedy is a scion of a great American political family that has suffered enormous tragedy. Both his uncle John F. Kennedy and his father, Robert, were ki…
Adam Kinzinger ∙ 501 LIKES
Bob Swandby
Instead of worrying about all the sh-- that can happen, which is an endless morass, I'm writing judge Aileen Cannon today to ask why she is delaying Trump's classified documents trial, one of the two federal criminal cases against Trump. We deserve a trial before the election. She is making it ridiculously complicated and lacks understanding of the basic laws involved. I'm telling her to get on with it, or if she is not competent or biased toward Trump or both, to recuse herself. I'd like to see some positive actions from folks on this site rather than all the hand wringing about stuff we can't do anything about!
Adam Kinzinger
Thanks everyone terrible typo… one i suspect will be repeated, and hence the concern. It’s fixed!

Smartphones in schools are bad

The narrow case against phones in school is clearly right
Like many people my age, I had a TI-86 programmable graphing calculator in high school. It was quite useful for learning high school math. But even though the device is built specifically for math use, it’s a general purpose computer. So enterprising people managed to write games for it, of which by far the best was
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I find it nuts that this is an argument at all, for Christ sake. I don't think you need reams of academic studies to know that powerful distraction machines are detrimental for learning. Feels very much like an issue where Journalists and Policy Makers can't see the wood for the trees. Just get the kids to put their phones in a box at the front of the classroom! It's not hard
Every elementary school I’ve been at has pretty successful smartphone bans. What I hear from hs teachers is in today’s actual environment enforcement is really hard and since no one is afraid of the consequences school can give in some cases literally dangerous.
I’m in a war for attention with the God damned Chromebooks and I hate that I’m saying this but technology has been a disaster. I think there’s incredibly cool opportunities to do really interesting projects with technology and I feel like I’ve done a few of them. But it’s mostly just a cost saving measure that’s absolutely a tax on my sanity compared to having a computer lab and enough resources for pen and paper. I’ve done stuff I’m really proud of with computers but it’s a small minority of the time they use them. I’ve had one good online curriculum.
It’s mostly been a trash fire of problems, and I’m the tech saavy teacher who enjoys these things.

Yes, Social Media Really Is a Cause of the Epidemic of Teenage Mental Illness

Two major problems with a review in Nature
For centuries, adults have worried about whatever “kids these days” are doing. From novels in the 18th century to the bicycle in the 19th and through comic books, rock and roll, marijuana, and violent video games in the 20th century, there are always those who ring alarms, and there are always
Jon Haidt ∙ 348 LIKES
Jim Geschke
As a teacher I saw the wolves arrive in my classroom around 2011-12.
The wolves came in and stole my students' most precious asset -- their attention. The usurpers were too smart, too manipulative and brazenly uncaring. Here I was, at a teacher’s salary, pitted against youthful MENSA app developers in Silicon Valley whose pay scales and IQs exceed mine by factors of 100.
I saw the "causation" unfold right before my eyes.
Mary Poindexter McLaughlin
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't “structural discrimination, racism, sexism, sexual abuse, and economic hardship" existed for centuries?The opioid epidemic is a recent phenomenon, yes, as is social isolation (one that is CLEARLY related to social media), so it seems that Odgers is really grasping here.
I'm also fed up with the need to quantify everything, all the time, to justify taking action. Studies! Data! Research! Feh. Spend an hour with your average teenager today and you'll have all the evidence you need.
Keep up the excellent work, John. I'm grateful for you.

My First Amendment concerns with ‘The Anxious Generation’

I love and respect my friend and co-author Jonathan Haidt, but I don’t always agree with him.
About a decade ago, I had a weird idea. At the time, I had for 13 years defended free speech and academic freedom in higher education at FIRE — then the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, now and Expression — but something began to change around 2014. There was a sudden surge in attempts to deplatform speakers, and students were arriving on c…
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I am surprised that I still have all my fingers. As a kid I packed cutoff match heads into used CO2 cylinders to make improvised rockets that sometimes exploded when set off. I like to tell my grandkids about how as ten year olds with paper routes my friends and I once rode our bikes to a nearby small airport. We gave a pilot we didn’t know a couple of bucks for gas and he flew us over our homes in a Piper Cub. When I got home and told my mom her response was “that’s nice, get ready for dinner” and that was it. We lived in a Chicago suburb and would ride the train to the Loop and wander through the big department stores and once ended up on State street south of Van Buren outside a burlesque show hoping to get a peek inside. A friendly doorman waved us in for a free show. That we never mentioned to our folks. I fear for the current coddled generation.
There’s a drinking and smoking age because the government thinks that businesses should not have the freedom to profit from exposing kids to alcohol and smoking before they are 21, why shouldn’t the same be true for preventing social media companies from profiting from exposing kids to porn, bullying, illegal drug pushers, etc.

Why you should 'create the same game, over and over'?

A book extract - with Plus members getting the whole thing! Also: tonnes more.
[The GameDiscoverCo game discovery newsletter is written by ‘how people find your game’ expert & company founder Simon Carless, and is a regular look at how people discover and buy video games in the 2020s.] Greetings, sweet Spring children - welcome to the sole GameDiscoverCo free newsletter for this week. (How will you ever manage your time, with 50% o…
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How to Delay the Age at Which Kids Get Smartphones

A smartphone-free childhood is easier than you think.
Intro from Jon Haidt: Today we have an essay in a new series: What Parents Can Do Now. Our first essay is from Melanie Hempe, who founded the organization ScreenStrong in 2015. Melanie's personal experience with teen screen addiction, combined with her extensive background in public education on this issue, provides her with a unique perspective and a strong commitment to helping others. With a nursing degree from Emory University, she uses her medical background to develop educational materials for parents and children, helping families prevent and reverse screen dependencies.
Melanie Hempe ∙ 239 LIKES
Kimberly Lackey
I agree 100% with all of this. Every last word. My daughter didn’t get a smartphone until 10th grade, but she was homeschooled through 9th, so that made it easier. My son was homeschooled through 6th grade, but we didn’t give him a phone until the end of 9th. Up until then he had a dumb phone that looked like a smartphone. It was HARD. By the time he got his smartphone, he was most likely the last one in his class of a couple hundred to get one. He felt left out. I was sympathetic but I’d read too much and I knew the dangers. I passionately resented the culture for forcing me to pick between these two poisons. Furthermore, many teachers and clubs require smartphone use for turning in homework or for communication. When your student has to go the teacher and ask for alternatives, this, for a teen, is hard.
Even though his school requires phones to be left in the lockers, they still sneak them in the classroom. So many of the homework assignments are online, so he comes home and “has to” be on his laptop, where myriad distractions await. I have parental control software, but it’s not perfect. The battles are never ending. He is always always always pushing back on our boundaries and restrictions. He is always comparing himself to his friends, who, in his mind, live perfect, carefree lives with unlimited tech access and no rules. We try to reason with him, to help him understand, and either he is incapable of understanding the logic or he refuses to. This dominates our lives, I hate it, and I’m SO angry at tech companies for foisting this upon us.
I didn’t know many parents at his school, but the couple I did know were more conservative and delayed the phone a little longer than others. But eventually they caved. I have found that if the friends of my sons have older siblings, they get smartphones a lot earlier.
This situation we are in is not sustainable. We need a campaign to target school principals and administrators, like what Haidt suggests, but even further. No homework on laptops. Clubs shouldn't require smartphones or apps. Don't post grades or homework assignments on Canvas. Constantly educate parents on why limiting screens is important. So many of them don't know.
Sorry for rant, but I'm at the end of my rope. I will not, however, give in to my son's demands to have his phone in his room or give him unlimited internet access. I. Will. Not.
Shannon Hood
“The tragedy of a screen-addicted child.” Thank you for speaking truth on this important issue. We seem to be the only ones in our circle who don’t give our children/teens smartphones, but I am unphased. Convenience and peer pressure certainty aren’t good enough reasons to change my mind. Hopefully more parents will have the courage to join us!

Great teams build great software

Better the teamwork, better the culture -> codebase -> product and happier are the customers!
Intro The recent emergence of AI has made it easier to build software, but if one person builds an application with the help of AI → would it really be great? Well, it might be, but can we easily make improvements or adjustments based on the needs of the users? And can we scale it to the number of users we would want?
Gregor Ojstersek ∙ 72 LIKES
Drew Lowe
Teamwork and leadership take daily practice. Great advice and inspiration for me as a sales/tech leader. Thanks!
This is an excellent write up. What the speaker has said, if I understand this right is to have a clear goal and set expectations during hiring process itself so no confusion arises later but in reality, and most of the time in my experience, unfortunately this dosen’t happen. Meaning, majority of the interviewers focus on things that are opposite and the grilling process of frying the candidate so much that expectations are stated but in reality they are different (just unrealistic and dysfunctional)!

Life *Is* Strange, Which Is Why Journalists Need To Adhere To Rigorous Standards And Transparency

On a recent IGN investigation
The video games website IGN.com just dropped a big new investigative piece by Rebekah Valentine headlined “How Hidden Nazi Symbols Were the Tip of a Toxic Iceberg at Life Is Strange Developer Deck Nine.” Life is Strange is a video game franchise beloved, in part, for its progressive themes and storytelling. I actually have the original game on Steam — I …
Jesse Singal ∙ 162 LIKES
Game dev here: it doesn't make sense that mysterious nazi symbols were showing up in game without people knowing who put them there. If they were using Perforce or another source control software you could easily look up file history. If not, you could likely look at file metadata to see which PC they had been authored by and when. Are they saying they knew it was him, or what?
Gavin Pugh
"When they saw this version of the scene, a number of people pushed back, arguing that the scene would unintentionally trigger associations with date rape."
Villainous character does villainous things.... oh no? It's weird that they're ok with attempted murder but draw the line at something that might make someone think of rape.
“I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss on how to write a villain that doesn’t do villainous things.” - Lemony Snicket

Hanging on by a thread: The Technical Area, March 2024

Free to read: This month at SCOUTED, we need help.
Dear readers, Welcome back to The Technical Area, one editor’s monthly blog about his team’s journey to create an independent football publication that, yaknow, doesn’t die. This month: an explanation and an urgent appeal for help. Then, a glance at what’s next - and a couple of recommendations.
Carlos Veiga
Maybe a good idea could be a discounted offer that current members can sign-up for, to offer friends a 3-month subscription to give them a taster (and maybe they become long term subscribers too?)... Or perhaps a few 30-day passes that existing members can offer to their friends (again, as a taster with a view to long term subscriptions)?
Just a couple of ideas from a loyal subscriber back to the early days if the Scouted Football magazines...
Keep up the excellent work! It’s shocking to me that you are able to out such great content with only 500 subscribers. Carlos’ idea is a good one. Happy to give out a few short term subscriptions to friends that I know enjoy good writing, but are not yet regular users of Substack.

It’s Time To Free The Anxious Generation

The book comes out today. By the end of 2025, we will roll back the phone-based childhood.
It’s finally here! Our book The Anxious Generation is published in the USA and UK today, March 26. Today is also the launch day of a movement in the U.S., the UK, and other nations to Free the Anxious Generation by rolling back the phone-based childhood, restoring the play-based childhood, and reclaiming life in the real world.
Jon Haidt and Zach Rausch ∙ 395 LIKES
Ruth Gaskovski
Jonathan, I'm blown away! By going way beyond writing a seminal book on freeing an "anxious generation" and integrating brilliant methods of spreading the message, offering actionable steps for parents and educators, and garnering solid support from readers, you actually present solid hope that change is possible. Thanks for this tremendous work in redirecting childhood back toward a healthy, relational, independent, and reality-based existence!
Truth Teller
My 14 year old heard you on Rogan and said, “Mom, we’ve got to order this book!”
Me: “Oh honey, it will be here this week. I pre-ordered that sucker awhile back.”
Love your work!! I keep sending your info to the school… who knows if they’ll listen?!

Vacationing with Tween and Teen Daughters is a Whole Different Vibe (+ Lots of Juicy Updates)

Last week we went on a spring break vacation to Mexico (I’m still there on Instagram) so I thought I would interrupt my dyslexia series to give you all a rundown of our trip, plus a bunch of other updates that never made it to social media. Well, at least not yet.
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Elizabeth Hennessey
As I was readingI was thinking, wait, I already know about the April FoolsDay thing, did everyone else miss it? Then I remembered I am a subscriber, and I thought, well, money well spent to get the early info!! E
Alison Alleyne
I turned 50 last year. My husband took me to a really fancy Michelin starred restaurant where we live then I treat my close family to a meal on my actual birthday. It was really low key and I loved it.

To process his grief, actor Abubakar Salim became a game developer

Plus: Two of gaming's pioneers are returning to the genre they helped make great.
Abubakar Salim grew up playing video games. Later, he became famous in the gaming community for voicing the main character in the 2017 blockbuster Assassin’s Creed Origins. But he’s an actor by trade, and didn’t expect to become a game developer, until he had an epiphany while grappling with the death of his father.
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From Intellectual Dark Web to Crank Central

Was the loose-knit band of rebels always destined to go fringe?
AMID THE RECENT CONTROVERSY about Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire website finally dropping conspiracy theorist and antisemitic ranter Candace Owens, one minor but fascinating detail went unnoticed: Six years ago, both Shapiro and Owens had cameos in a much-ballyhooed
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Comrades, Welcome to the desert of the real. Zizek Goads and Prods has been up and running for four months. This week, I am holding a flash sale. The price for a yearly subscription will be $30, less than a dollar a week. Your subscriptions keep this page going, so if you have the means, and believe in paying for good writing, please do con…
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For those active in 1968, even sex with animals was allowed, but gay sex was totally prohibited in mainstream. Hippies and the rest presented themselves as rebels against the system, when in fact they were the vector of least resistance against the forces of heteronormalization, the compulsive heterosexuality of biopolitics. Perhaps, while dealing with hippies, Foucault got the idea that power does not oppress but positively gives, builds and rewards.
I remember that in the 90ies in the West, being gay was a much bigger threat and crime than pedophilia. Pogroms were being prepared for both, but then liberal capitalism remembered at the turn of the millennium that it was liberal and stopped calling for the final solution of gay question.
But a silent deal appeared: capitalism will not interfere in the pleasures of the LGBT+ movement, and in return the LGBT+ movement must not interfere with capitalism, its’ past crimes against gays, crimes of society, the police, medicine, psychiatry... which was still going on two decades ago. This may also be the origin of the obsession with new ways of formulating victimizations - all just to avoid the thematization of the prosecution of gays and anti-gay hysteria in the 90ies.
Wes H
"introduction of the notion of consent into human-robot sexual relationships is vital in a way similar to sexual relations between humans and it will help prevent the creation of a ‘class of legally incorporated sex-slaves.’”"
what is ironic is this concern ignores the reality of real human slavery in the production and development of AI systems, potentially including sexbots. I'm not sure how to frame this in Lacanian terms, but it seems like a luxury belief that has the effect of making the policy maker or moralist "PC" individual feel that they have done a moral duty while real harms to human beings ("other" in the chain of labor) are ignored and misdirected.

Toolbelt Generation and SATC GRWMs

dating app crisis incoming
Meet Harry Daniels, the Gen Z TikTok star obsessed with serenading celebrities; Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss is the number one song in the country; Sabrina Carpenter is a Skims girl now; and the great Emma Carmichael profiled
Casey Lewis ∙ 31 LIKES
Sarah Shapiro
The BI article rolled up a lot of different impacts to make one general statement and this is a really interesting story to follow for the younger generations. Two separate issues: college value decline and antisemitism. While they may lead to similar outcomes, we need to consider various factors like COVID impact, test waivers, and admission practices (SCOTUS rulings) to fully understand. Notably, differences among universities suggest more nuanced causes. So rather that coming to the conclusion that higher education isn't worth it that might not be the only reason that admissions are declining.

How the iii initiative shakes up the 'streaming showcase' space

Also: a look at a VR survey, and lots of discovery news.
[The GameDiscoverCo game discovery newsletter is written by ‘how people find your game’ expert & company founder Simon Carless, and is a regular look at how people discover and buy video games in the 2020s.] We’re still on Easter holiday time for quite a lot of you Europeans. But less so at GameDiscoverCo HQ. So let’s go ahead and send out a fresh newsle…
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Letter #172: Ryan Israel (2021)

Partner & CIO of Pershing Square Capital | Music is Universal: Music Industry Overview
Hi there! Welcome to A Letter a Day. If you want to know more about this newsletter, see "The Archive.” At a high level, you can expect to receive a memo/essay or speech/presentation transcript from an investor, founder, or entrepreneur (IFO) each edition.
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Navigating the Edutainment App Minefield

With expert advice on how to make your kids fall in love with math. Seriously.
Warning: I repeatedly use the word “math” here. UK readers beware.
Kevin Maguire ∙ 14 LIKES
Jeremy Keim
While I liked the essay (per usual) I’m highly skeptical of most of the kids apps, even Khan Academy. When one looks under the hood, they haven’t actually help raise aptitudes in math when controlling for other variables.
Your resident curmudgeon
urgh, I really hate subscription models. I want a learn to read app my kid will use that doesn't have an ongoing price that is going to make me annoyed when he doesn't use it for a month.
Also, we're getting a lot of good mileage out of pbs kids apps - games and videos. currently getting into super why, though the games associated with it are dumb, and he has a love/hate relationship with wild kratts (told me yesterday he hated them, berated me today for not downloading enough of their episodes for a long drive...). I'm still deeply curious about the origin of dinosaur train but he loves that too.
I will admit that I'm not really looking for apps to raise aptitudes (reading is a wish), mostly just things that aren't actively harmful. And that don't have the option to drain $$ inadvertently.

Having a Bit of Fun Playing Video Games

MLB The Show 24 is out.
Hey everyone. Parker here. As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the video game MLB The Show (I’m not necessarily very good at said game, but I enjoy it nonetheless). This, of course, in addition to being a fan of baseball and the Cubs, generally. Well,
Parker Molloy ∙ 58 LIKES
Derek Plaslaiko
1st off, Parker... nice work creating your likeness in the game! I don't know about you, but whenever I try to create one in my likeness on *any* game, I strike out (pun intended). It's gotta be so much more rad to play the game like this. I'll likely check out the new version of The Show when it hits Game Pass, though, like you, I am definitely not good at it. But, I do have fun playing it!
2nd of all, I wasn't paying attention too much during the whole Gamergate thing. I have since read up on it, and I find the whole thing abhorrent, naturally. But, given that it's an election year, and also because Bannon/Milo/(insert other terrible far-right'ers) were paying so much attention to Gamegate and have said openly about it's connection to inspiring more "dudes" to get into politics to make it even more dirty, which was one of the keys to getting Trump elected... don't you find Musk's comments a bit more sinister, as well as troubling?
Let's face it, the Gamergaters are with Musk. There's no question about it. But, if he were to influence his cult into more of a Gamergate crowd with bigger numbers this time, I feel it could have worse ramifications than in 2014-16. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this does have a feeling of intent to it. I fear this anger and outrage could definitely seep into the mainstream much easier than last time.
In closing, the age old question: why can't people just play the games they like, how they like? Why should it be threatening that you can take a *video game* character, mod said character to your actual physical likeness of race, gender, or size and play the game how YOU would want to? I just don't understand it. Why do there people get SO heated about it? It's just a game, after all.
And they don't have to play the game the same way everyone else does!
And that right there is a maxim that is true to video games, as well as real life.
I'm always thankful to have your analysis now adays for these sort of escapades. I don't have the time to really dive into them like I used to. They frequently seem to be the catalyst for bigger issues, so it's good to be in the know.

notes from march: ropes of shit, pedialyte, and personal landmarks

I'm unstoppable, I'm a Porsche with no brakes, I'm invincible, i win ever single game.
March is the dumbest month of the year. Whenever it rolls around I prepare myself for my stupidest solo act yet. Hardly spring, not quite winter, with lots of canceling plans, lots of YouTube, and lots of Googling the 10-day forecast. But probably broke a new personal record this time around, I don't think I've ever used the word "lonely" as a self-desc…
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Ivy Wolk
toasted coconut
Tom Wallen
Tweek x Craig basically reinvented animation.

The Girls Are Not Alright: Responses to Three Claims that the Youth Mental Health Crisis Is Exaggerated

Why changes in stigma and self-reporting procedures cannot explain the international decline of adolescent girls’ mental health.
Since beginning my series on the international youth mental health crisis, a number of articles, posts, and podcast episodes have surfaced challenging whether there actually is a crisis and/or whether it was caused—in large part—by the rise of the phone-based childhood between 2010 and 2015, as Jon and I argue.
Zach Rausch ∙ 111 LIKES
Mark Christenson
Thanks for continuing to patiently respond to the skeptics with data-driven and logic-driven responses. I appreciate people want to hang on to long-held beliefs, but your work is important in helping come to the truth so we can make changes that will actually have positive impacts on our kids (or at least the next generation).
Ivan Kaltman
The world is more than just the West. Why isn't this increase in teen mental illness also found in the rest of the world?

Lifestyle Cycling

Change your environment, change your life
Gm Gents. I spent the last 3 years living the 4-hour work week in Mexico. 1.5 years building a business, systems, and lifestyle that would enable me to surf, spearfish, and ride dirtbikes all day. 1.5 years living it.Health HQ Insider is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.
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Bryan Lopez
Testicular Fortitude is indeed the driver to your success
“Your friends remind you of the old you”
This. 100%. You regress into a past life with friends who facilitate bad habits.