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Astro Poets
Launched 2 months ago
poetry | astrology | mystery
by zeynep · Launched 3 years ago
Smarter thinking for puzzles worth pondering. A newsletter by Zeynep for a complex world.
Foreign Exchanges
Launched 2 years ago
Lefty perspectives on international affairs to help you get smarter about the world. Policy analyst Derek Davison brings you news and analysis of global events in a daily newsletter and weekly podcast.
The Des
by LJ Dawson · Launched a year ago
Criminal Justice in America
Unorthodox Gymnastics
by Dvora Meyers · Launched a year ago
All the flips that are fit to print.
50 Years of Text Games
by Aaron A. Reed · Launched 3 months ago
A deep dive into one text game per year each week of 2021, from The Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon.