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“Substack is literally making the biggest investment in creator-owned comics in the history of the medium, all so that creators like me can take control of our own careers and make fans the best content yet.”
– Scott Snyder, Our Best Jackett
“There is nobody you need to get permission from to do what you want to do. Make the books you most want to make, the books you think should exist, the ones that it has driven you crazy that nobody is making.”
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Distribution made simple.
It’s easy to publish comics big and small on Substack. Share new stories through email and on your Substack website, with a seamless integration into Panels.
Own all your content.
Creators retain all rights on the work they publish, including the rights to republish material elsewhere, and media rights. Substack takes no cut of any potential movie or TV adaptations.
Get paid to do what you love.
Build your audience on Substack, or bring them over. When you're ready, you can add paid subscriptions and keep 90% of the revenue. Top writers on Substack make millions of dollars a year.
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