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'Food and drink writers come to Substack to do their best work and to earn a living through a direct relationship with their readers.'
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“Nothing I have ever done in media prior to simply publishing myself has had as big an impact on my profile and my bank account.”
– Alicia Kennedy, Desk of Alicia Kennedy
Food publishing made simple.
Share essays, recipes, restaurant reviews, and photographs with our easy-to-use tools. Include audio memos or a podcast alongside your writing. Zero tech knowledge required.
A direct relationship with readers.
Algorithms shouldn’t decide who sees your work. On Substack, writers control the relationship with their readers. Comments and community threads encourage a sense of community amongst supporters.
A better model than advertising.
No one likes seeing advertisements. Ditch ads in favor of subscriptions. A few hundred paid subscribers can support a livelihood. A few thousand makes it lucrative.
“Substack allowed me to continue being a writer. It gave me back my career, and I got to be the writer that I wanted to be.”
– Emily Nunn, The Department of Salad
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Food & Drink writing is thriving on Substack.
Whether you’re writing about rare Cuban cocktails or the science behind bread making, Substack is the place to build a successful subscription publication.
“I get to go way, way more granular and esoteric—I don’t think most mainstream publications care about cover reveals or [cook]book deals...but I get to include whatever I want in the newsletter.”
– Paula Forbes, Stained Page News
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