Build a better business model for writing

Substack lets writers connect with their audience on their own terms and earn money doing it. We make it simple for writers to publish to an email list that they own, get discovered on the web, and charge for subscriptions.

More than 1 million people pay to subscribe to writers across the Substack network, and the top writers make millions of dollars a year. Substack's model depends on the success of writers using Substack – we only make money when they do.

What we believe

  • We believe that what you read matters, so we hire people who care deeply about reading and writing.
  • We believe that subscriptions are better than advertising. The business model matters – subscriptions put readers and writers in charge, and they create an incentive system that fosters great work.
  • We believe in the free press and in free speech – and we do not believe those things can be decoupled. You can read more about our views on content moderation here.
  • We have a culture of service. We're here to serve readers and writers, so we build the things they need to be wildly successful. That's why everyone in the company does customer support, so we can stay close to the readers and writers who use Substack.
  • We bias to action. We work fast, make bold bets, and then course-correct as needed.
  • We believe great things are built by small groups of exceptional people. We assemble tight-knit teams and give them clear, ambitious goals and the autonomy they need to succeed.

Our main office is in San Francisco with a remote-first team distributed across North America. Founded in 2017, Substack is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Fifty Years, and other great investors.

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