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Marketing isn’t all on your shoulders. More than 40% of all new free subscriptions and around 10% of paid subscriptions to Substacks come from within our network.
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You will always own your mailing list, subscriber payment information, and intellectual property. If you decide to leave, you’ll take what you’ve built with you.
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“Substack’s tools are the simplest, best-looking blog creation tools I've come across and I've tried them all.”

– Jefferson Graham, former USA Today columnist

All that Revue offers, and more

What is a Substack?

Substack helps anyone set up a blog and email newsletter. No tech knowledge is required. Without ads and algorithms to get in the way, you can sustain a direct relationship with your readers and retain full control over your creative work.

Do I need to pay for Substack?

It’s free to get started on Substack. If you turn on paid subscriptions, Substack will keep a 10% cut of revenues for operating costs like development and customer support. There are no hidden fees and we only make money when writers do.

How will my subscribers’ experience change when I move to Substack?

Your subscribers shouldn’t notice any major changes, just improvements. Once you have imported your email list, archive, and payment information from Revue to Substack, you can simply resume publishing as normal. In your first Substack post, be sure to let your readers know that they can now read your publication in the Substack mobile app.

Will Substack help me grow my audience?

Yes. More than 30% of all new free subscriptions and around 10% of paid subscriptions to Substacks come from within our network.

I also publish videos and podcasts. Does Substack support that?

Yes. We make it easy to start a subscription podcast. You can share episodes to Substack subscribers and to all the major podcast players with one click. You can also upload or record videos directly into a Substack post, and make those videos available to everyone or only paid subscribers.

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