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Bitcoin Redundancy Realizations

The latest from my non-award winning series "shit most bitcoiners realized 13 years ago that I'm just learning".
When I think about the key concepts that I’ve learned about Bitcoin over the last month or two, there wasn’t one that pushed me over the line to be a believer more than the function of the network's redundancy. I mean, sure, almost everybody that knows me knows that ideologically, I’m a huge proponent of Austrian economics and an enormous gold bull, so o…
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OMG, what the world doesn’t need, is another tulip-coin pimp! So you have 20,000 nodes of ledger redundancy (or surveillance nodes), tracking an imaginary computer currency of nothingness pyramid scheme. It only has value to the extent the pimps can keep suckering gullible gambling Muppets into it. Fleecing Muppets can be very lucrative, but it will end with many crying bag holders. Only a physical existent can be owned without counter party risk. Knowledge of a btc private key is not ownership of anything. It’s just a relationship with an issuers protocol (a kind of liability). Btc's designers didn't give it a mechanism to stabilize its value, so it can never be usable for (borrowing/lending) finance. If people could get an education from the government indoctrination centers, they would never buy these surveil-coins! They would insist on a free market monetary system of liberty, in which maintaining anonymity is a top priority! Got gold!
Steve S
Excellent article for several reasons. First, it is written in terms simple enough that even an idiot like me can understand; two, it is entertaining and funny; and three, it gets it right about bitcoin and no doubt will annoy and has annoyed the gold bugs who can't see the value in something they can't see with their eyes and hold in their hands, even though most of them don't actually hold physical gold but have electronic accounts documenting the gold allegedly stored for them by third parties. When the grid goes out and electricity fails, they will access their gold the same way folk who access funds electronically stored, disbursed, transferred handle their assets and currency; they won't. Nothing wrong with holding lots of cash you have immediate physical access. Same with gold, except it is heavy to carry and when is the last time you went into a drug store or gas station and provided some gold nuggets for your purchase. Most of us use cash, easily understandable and physical, or we use electricity in the form of credit or debit cards. I'll take my chances with bitcoin aka digital gold and HODL while the lesser fools keep hundreds of pounds of gold in their basements and crawl spaces.

Where is Bitcoin going after the halving?

Also a power law in the Bitcoin ETFs and sticky inflation.
Welcome to the Friday edition of the Ecoinometrics newsletter. Every week we bring you the three most important charts on the topics of macroeconomics, Bitcoin and digital assets. Today we'll cover: Where is Bitcoin going after the halving? Power law in the Bitcoin ETFs.
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Bitcoin Hits New Quarterly All-Time High - Where Does It Go Next?

To investors, Bitcoin hit an important milestone last night. The digital currency had the highest all-time weekly, monthly, and quarterly close in history. This means that bitcoin is more popular today than it has ever been. The four prior times that bitcoin hit a monthly and quarterly close all-time high, the price of the asset
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Ethan Hunt
Loving the Bitcoin Investor Day podcasts 👌
David Kenny
Now that the Big Bank cartels are in... the manipulation is really going to rev up. Its no surprise that its rising BEFORE the halving.

Bitcoin Tech Talk #390

Interesting Stuff Economics of Perpetual Adolescence - This is a long, but worthwhile read about the plight of male Zoomers and their “lack” of masculinity. As the article points out, the things that “make” a man are protecting, providing and procreating. But all of those things require money and as the article points out, everything that’s required to …

Halving Impact

Surpassing 10k Subscribers!
Dear Bitcoiners, I started this newsletter less than a year ago, and I am immensely grateful and proud to announce that Bitcoin Strategy has surpassed 10,000 subscribers! This achievement ranks Bitcoin Strategy as a Substack top performer! Above all, I am thrilled to share this journey with you and will continue to strive to provide you with the best dat…
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Great job on the write-up for beginners! we found it to be highly informative yet concise. Well done! 👏

The Bitcoin Halving is close. DO NOT SELL!

They will try to shake you, scare you or intimidate you. Don't fall for it.
The clock is ticking. We’re less than a month until the next Bitcoin halving and this recent correction was just one of many attempts to scare you. Whales know the game very well and they are after your coins before the mega pump. Do not fall for it!
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Ken Ashe, Blockchain PM
The goal is to never sell :)
Great article!

Reexamining the Degen's Playbook for the Bull Market

What to Expect When You're Expecting
How is the market treating you with airdrops? It’s been great for me so far. The top three airdrops so far: JITO, STRK, and ETHFI. Luckily, the fun is not over. In this blog post I’ll cover where we are now and revisit my Degen’s playbook to the bull market with new and previously shared airdrop protocols still worth farming.
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Thanks, Ignas, very useful. Are you not farming Blast or Merlin? Or are you expecting similar results to Manta airdrop?
That's long but i am filled eith info, Thank you!

Q2 outlook

we've ~been~ BACK
We are in a bull market. Retail is trickling back, BTC is floating right above / around 2021 ATHs and there are so many bullish catalysts ahead of us. As someone that was around for all of 2023, it’s crazy to see a 7 in front of the Bitcoin price. As our industry has matured, the market scope has increased drastically - from modular blockchain infrastruc…
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Loads of value in here. Thanks for the write up Jay.
sweet!! thank you for all of this information

Fed Admits Losing $114 Billion

The Federal Reserve just reported its largest loss in history. By far. But don't worry -- you'll be covering it. A few days ago the Fed announced its preliminary 2023 financial statements. Note these aren't audited results -- we have to take the Fed at its word.
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The government is now overspending by a trillion dollars every 3-4 months, give or take. There is no way the taxpayers can cover this excess. Are these clowns going to raise taxes another $2-3 trillion a year to pay for the deficit? That would mean another $2-3 trillion leaving the economy every year and furthering the economic downturn and possible crash. Less economy = less collected taxes. It's a vicious downward spiral.
The same goes for the Fed's deficit. Sure, the taxpayers and those taxed at all levels pay for a good portion of the costs to run the economy, but hardly all. Taxpayers haven't covered the cost of government but a few times in the last 50 years.
Taxpayers on the hook? More likely future taxpayers will spend their lives on the hook for today's deficits. Theoretically, taxpayers taxed 20 years from now will be paying for deficits created 10 years ago.
It's a losers game and the deficits will never be paid back, not one thin dime's worth. Then again, no one in government has more than a few brain cells in operation at any given time and that explains the whole shebang.
hiux Anndy
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Fiscal Collapse Accelerates

In case you thought anybody in Washington was driving this thing, they are not. It’s official: the Department of Treasury is now issuing debt at pandemic levels. It’s worth noting the pandemic record was double the previous record, which had stood for 231 years.
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Robert Smith PhD
None of this is accidental. They want to destroy the old system so we beg them for a new system. They are intentionally blowing the whole thing up. The dollar and hence the USA. Expect hyperinflation, multiple deliberate "disasters" that necessitate the launch of digital currencies and troops on the streets to ensure compliance. Not long now. America has been in military ownership since they shot Kennedy in 1963. They are not even bothering to hide it anymore.
bill o'grady
Couple of thoughts…
1. I think we are at war. Because of thermonuclear weapons it isn’t a mass industrial war like WW2 but it’s a war nonetheless. For deterrence sake there will be lots of defense spending but most of the conflict will be cyber, social and space. Pippa Malgren is doing the best work in this area.
2. The US Cold War model of freezing conflicts in Europe and Asia by demilitarizing Germany and Japan is not going to work this time. Too expensive. We have to choose one. I am leaning toward Asia but realize that German rearmament is terrifying. But this means that defense spending abroad is going to expand rapidly. Just look at European defense stocks. On a tear.
3. The neoliberal project post Cold War assumed that geopolitics was irrelevant. Thus the wisdom of putting the most sophisticated chip foundries within range of China’s short range missiles. Now as leaders realize their mistake they are building redundant capacity in safer places. Wise but much more expensive and less efficient.
4. All roads point to higher inflation.
5. The biggest investment question comes down to “who pays?” Raising taxes is hard. Neither political party is really keen on it. I expect lots of tweaking of the tax code. Already you are seeing tax “catches” in how Social Security benefits are taxed. Spending isn’t likely to stop. In WW2 we had yield curve control; I think we are seeing a soft version now. The Fed and Treasury are clearly uncomfortable with the 10-year above 5%; this is what triggered Powell’s December pivot. My current guess is that banks will be “encouraged” to buy the auctions and depositors will consistently receive negative real yields. Wealthy households will have tools to offset much of this. But the fact we are seeing the S&P, gold and bitcoin all rallying simultaneously suggests that the store of value function of money is being eroded.

Inflation Is Accelerating And The Fed Has No Control

To investors, The inflation report this morning shows that the economic measurement is headed in the wrong direction. Year-over-year CPI came in at 3.5% and the month-over-month growth in inflation was 0.4%. This means that inflation is going up, not down, which is a major problem for the Federal Reserve.
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Anne-Lise H
The 1980 based inflation has it over 10% right now.
michael bahra
Lose-lose situation. You are correct. And the government can only blame themselves with their excessive money printing.

Industry leaders discuss growth of public bitcoin miners, projected at $20 billion

A recent discussion on investment in public bitcoin miners featured leaders from UTXO Management, Hut 8, Bitfarms and Gryphon.
Nothing demonstrates the rapid growth of digital assets like the bitcoin mining industry, which has evolved from a niche hobby into a cornerstone of the digital economy led by numerous publicly-traded firms. Watch the full discussion here: This remarkable journey and the future of public bitcoin mining operations as an investment was the focus of a recen…
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Getting Gaza Right Is The Absolute Bare Minimum Requirement

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):
Caitlin Johnstone ∙ 299 LIKES
Feral Finster
Oh, you'd be amazed at the people who still repeat the long-ago debunked narratives as if they were gospel.
Just like I continually meet humans who insist that Iraq was chock-full of WMDs in 2003 and that Saddam's chief scientist (the obviously fake "Curveball") had defected.
John Corstvet
Learn the history of the Zionist movement over the last 150 years. Understand that the Jews moving into Palestine in the early years got along relatively OK. It all went to hell for Palestinians in World War One when the British defeated the Ottoman Empire. The British came into Palestine and ravaged it. It has gone downhill for Palestinians since then. I’ve read several books on the subject and the one I’m currently reading is “ISLAM and the PROBLEM of ISRAEL”. Copyright 1980. You quickly get to understand that the shit we’re being fed by the corporate media has little bearing on reality.
Where do we go from here? I think the only reasonable course of action for the US is to cut off ALL funding for Israel. We certainly owe Palestinians some support for what we’ve done to them. The Zionist experiment has existed in a lie for the last 75 years and now needs to sink or swim on its own.

The Pomp Letter Takes On Wall Street

To investors, I started writing The Pomp Letter in May 2018. Next month will mark 6 years of writing every morning about bitcoin and financial markets. Throughout this time, I have been the sole writer and operator behind our work. I started writing because it helped me to formulate my thoughts each day. You can’t write clearly if your thinking is messy.…
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John Blanks
looking forward to it

As Hong Kong Approaches In-Kind Bitcoin ETF, Local Establishment Skeptical

Hong Kong’s incoming in-kind spot Bitcoin ETF supports an entirely different relationship between supply and demand compared to US competitors.
Hong Kong is on the verge of approving an in-kind Bitcoin ETF, with a different creation method from the ETF offerings available in the US, even as sectors of the financial establishment espouse non-Bitcoin innovations. Since the first Bitcoin spot ETFs were approved by the SEC in January 2024, the face of the entire digital asset ecosystem has changed i…
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A Successful March

Bitcoin Data Newsletter | Friday Video Update
Hello Everyone! In this week’s Friday Video Update, I’ll be talking about my X post on Bitcoin Monthly Seasonality. As March comes to a close it looks to have performed very well for one of the worst months of the year, up 15%. I’ll also be covering how our cycle still remains on track for my projected timing of a top later this year.
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Gaza Asks Us A Question About What Kind Of Future We Want To Have

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):
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“Let not anyone pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”
- John Stuart Mill
Ron Stockton
Gaza exposes the lie that world leaders fought against Nazism and genocide in WW II. That was a war of imperialists and if Germany had not been a threat to British imperialism it would have been allowed (even encouraged) to slaughter all the Jews, LGBTQ, and other others it wished. Capitalism is innately evil and just an early form of Fascism. There is no cure.

The Stock I Would Have Pitched At The Sohn Conference

Today’s letter is brought to you by Shortform! Shortform has the world’s best guides to 1000+ nonfiction books. Learn key points and gain insights you won't find anywhere else. Understand the world’s best ideas. Crystal-clear logic — We take confusing ideas and explain them in plain and simple ways. Never get confused by a complicated book again.
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Sal Norge
Pomp told us about the Stacks IPO back in 2019, so I bought STX at 30 cents. Today it's worth $3.25. Just saying.
I love the trillionaire energy! Bang bang! 🤙

The Rich get Richer. Thanks to the Fed.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and it’s all thanks to the Federal Reserve. Last week the Fed released a new study that wealth of the top 1% in America hit an all time high of $45 trillion. That's up $15 trillion, or 50% from 2020.
Peter St Onge ∙ 68 LIKES
Robert Smith PhD
This is all intentional. They are trying to blow the whole thing up. The fiat money system is coming to an end with hyperinflation or "The Great Taking".
They want us to beg for a new system by crashing the old system. The new system of digital currencies, digital ID, digital vaccine passports and social credit scores is coming.
Expect more war and more death being used an excuse to print even more money. All wars are bankers wars.
Civil war is coming to America and will be used as an excuse for more censorship, more power for our "leaders" and troops on the streets. The USA should now be considered a military dictatorship. The Republic died when they shot Kennedy in 1963 and they are not even bothering to hide it anymore.
Great article. I’ve been making similar observations for many years. Sadly, however, all such comments fall on deaf ears and the folks most affected by the Fed’s actions don’t understand what the Fed’s effect is on their day to day lives. Keep up the messaging.

The Endgame 040924 - On and On Anon

In today's episode: Donald Trump flagrantly violates his gag order, daring the Regime to turn him into Nelson Mandela Jurors in the coming Trump trial are asked about "fringe" associations QAnon is back in a variety of mainstream headlines and a new Netflix documentary
Chris Paul ∙ 93 LIKES
Jeff S.
Love your commentary of the “news”. Few can give insight as well as you do. You have a special gift much appreciated.
I do not know why I laugh when you say "It's gonna kill someone's gramma" I seem morbid, what is wrong with me?

The Divided Path

Bitcoin Data Newsletter | Friday Video Update
Hello Everyone! In today’s video update, I’ll be covering the charts from several of my posts on X including the Golden Ratio Multiplier, the Monthly RSI, and the Monthly RVGI. Our current move has important implications for the timing of our cycle top.
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Peter Sea
Clear and precise. 👌

Fake Currencies, Meme Coins, And History Lessons

Today’s letter is brought to you by Espresso Displays! I normally work on my desktop computer and am hyper productive. The second that I leave my desk, I lose my productivity on a laptop. So I started to use a second screen and it seems to have fixed the issue.
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I love the trillionaire energy! Bang bang!
If people blindly follow Elon Musk, a few million could use the MEME coin as currency and in my opinion is so sad. 27 billion in one MEME coin. And then people will say stupid politicians feed war instead of hungry kids. People are insane, the majority.

This Is A Bitcoin Drawdown For Ants

Today’s letter is brought to you by Bitcoin Investor Day! I am hosting the first Bitcoin Investor Day in New York City this Friday in New York City. It is an annual meeting for sophisticated Wall Street investors who are interested in bitcoin. Speakers include Cathie Wood, Mike Novogratz, Anthony Scaramucci, Mark Yusko, Head of Digital Assets at BlackRock…
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Sal Norge
Bullish Pomp is my fav.

The Endgame 040424 - Happy Birthday to Team Regime, World Police

In today's episode: The one-year anniversary of the "guardrails being removed" Elon Musk begins the bot purge on X (formerly Twitter) NATO celebrates 75 years of being the global Regime's goon squad by attempting to preempt the return of Trump The illegitimate Biden admin attempts to tie Trump's hands upon his return and preserve the corrupt administrative …
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Jennifer Raybaud
Bravo, Chris! This was a very enlightening episode especially in helping to understand what a downright hoax (not diminishing the fact that that institution has caused untold amounts of suffering and death in its history) NATO is. Makes me even more incensed at what's been perpetrated on us these many decades. You're my news these days, Chris. A trusted source giving me food for thought.
Ben There
Informative… but just as important, entertaining. You got me laughing, Chris. I look to the future optimistically because understanding the perceived bad as actually good and necessary makes life interesting. We certainly do live in interesting times.