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Can Demis Hassabis Save Google?

The DeepMind founder has a track record of insane AI breakthroughs. Can he do it within the Google mothership?
Demis Hassabis stares intently through the screen when I ask him whether he can save Google. It’s early evening in his native U.K. and the DeepMind founder is working overtime. His Google-owned AI research house now leads the company’s entire AI research effort, after
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Jacob Radke
Fantastic read! Thank you for sharing.

💡 Insights You Might Have Missed

From Google charging for AI search to Disney's proxy fight
Greetings from San Francisco! 👋🏼 Over 100,000 How They Make Money subscribers turn to us weekly for business and investment insights. Glad you're here.
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Thank you very much for this summary post!

What I Read This Week...

OpenAI, Google and Meta discussed skirting copyright rules to train its latest AI models, Tesla will unveil its first robotaxi later this year, and the global supply of equities is shrinking
Watch All-In E173 Caught My Eye… The race to lead AI has become a hunt for new and growing amounts of training data. OpenAI, Google and Meta ignored corporate policies, altered their own rules and discussed skirting copyright law as they sought online information to train their newest AI models
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Amr Ceran
Would inviting Russia into NATO deescalate the war? NATO was created to protect against USS - why not include Russia to extend peace in the region?
Thomas Lopez
Of the 120B in buybacks I wonder how many were value accretive to shareholders? Capital allocation at the executive level leaves a bit to be desired and once that capital is destroyed its tough to make it back

How To Deliver a Farewell Address (Part 3) - James Damore

Brave Google engineer James Damore's Ideological Echo Chamber memo warned about DIE 7 years before the Gemini disaster
Comrades: Like Yuri Bezmenov in 1984, Dwight Eisenhower in 1964, and Ron Paul in 2012, James Damore tried to warn us in 2017. Damore was an engineer at Google. He posted an internal memo about the dangers of the company’s ideological echo chamber. For the crime of wrongthink, he was fired by Google and smeared by the MSM. No one listened. The further a …
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Spaceman Spiff
Fascinating reading this again. It is great he raised these issues. Although it cost him his job.
I'd have to say as time wears on I realize the futility of such gestures. It had zero effect. More striking when reading it I'm aware how much Damore concedes the high ground. Diversity is good etc. No it isn't. That is the real argument. Superficial diversity is irrelevant; great teamwork is generally by homogeneous teams that are similar in ways that matter eg everyone on the surgical team is a first rate expert in their field. If I'm on the table being operated I could care less about fulfilling quotas. I want the best of the best only.
Diversity is social science clowns trying to wrap their obsession with race in something that sounds aspirational and scientific. It is not. It is horror at reality, that equality can never exist and to impose it means mass terror. They cannot face these realities so they embrace DEI and bring us that bit closer to a massive backlash.
Amazingly clear analysis. They are introducing authoritarianism using empathy as the ramrod. Kind of funny, when you think about it.

How Google Built an Open Source AI to Provide Accurate Flood Warnings for 460 Million People [Breakdowns]

This is how Impactful AI for the future will be built. Developing nations especially should take notes
Hey, it’s Devansh 👋👋 In my series Breakdowns, I go through complicated literature on Machine Learning to extract the most valuable insights. Expect concise, jargon-free, but still useful analysis aimed at helping you understand the intricacies of Cutting-Edge AI Research and the applications of Deep Learning at the highest level.
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How I use AI to plan a trip✈️

A step-by-step guide to using Google Gemini as a free travel agent
Google’s Gemini is an increasingly useful alternative to ChatGPT. It plugs into Google’s apps, including search. That gives it a helpful “double-check response” feature to verify its responses with Web searches. In this special guest post, technology explorer and writer Rahul Chowdhury shares his experience using Gemini as a travel planning assistant.
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Briefing: Google Vids, Threads API, Intercom Copilot

Plus: Instagram revenue revealed, how to host engaging UX workshops, Poe’s new pricing
The Department of Product Weekly Briefing is a product-led perspective of what’s happening in tech - and why it matters to people who build products.
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Riccardo Vocca
Thanks for sharing this news and info. Honestly, I can't wait to try Google Vids! P.S. I just subscribed!

Meet the AI-Censored? Naked Capitalism

Google provides an early, scary test case for mechanized suppression by threatening a popular economics site with demonetization
The future of AI-powered censorship is here, and the early returns are as error-filled and clumsily destructive as Google’s infamous Gemini rollout. On March 4th, Yves Smith — nom de plume for the editor of Naked Capitalism, a popular site containing economics commentary and journalism — received an ominous
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Another piece of evidence pointing to the necessity of creating non-tech-company driven networks and communities, detaching from dependence on companies like Google, Meta, YouTube, et al. Even Rumble and Substack are vulnerable when examining their own dependence. It's clear this is going to amplify. Trusting and using our human creativity and ingenuity to come up with alternatives to tech-dependent monetization is the imminent challenge. And opportunity. The sooner the better.
Yuri Bezmenov
Google Gemini lacks self awareness, just like the people who created it. It should be renamed NPC.AI. Let's flag Google's crony monopolistic capitalism for the same issues it is attacking Naked Capitalism with:

I fell down a Google hole

And learned all about the misery lit of the early 00s. Also: LiLo's new Netflix era and why I think she's in on the joke
I spend an inordinate amount of time down Google holes. My husband says that my two major topics of conversation (aside from child-related logistics, which is 99% of all conversation) are things with…
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Christina Malley
Old Millennial born in 1984, read three of the Pelzer books when I was about 14. Naturally I found them harrowing and foul but I was also *deep* into my obsessional reading of serial killers and criminal profiling (a wild time).
My aunt was at the time a senior psychotherapist working in one of the largest maximum security psychiatric hospitals in the country so I asked her professional opinion about how a parent could do this to a child. Her opinion was much more about why the child would feel the motivation to explore this trauma over and over via the writing, release and promotion of the books, essentially calling the books into question. Then it started to come out that he had potentially fabricated the stories…
Auntie knew 🤷‍♀️
Hannah Thompson
Massive respect btw for sticking to posts on Substack, rather than the notes / twitter-esque bits. Frustrating that they’ve introduced all that: I’m sure many people - like me - migrated here to get away from the doom scroll 😡

Why Google failed to make GPT-3 + why Multimodal Agents are the path to AGI — with David Luan of Adept

Why Google failed to make GPT-3, how Adept is the "most misunderstood company" in AI, why multimodal knowledge work models like Fuyu are the future of AGI, and why Adept is NOT a research lab
Our next SF event is AI UX 2024 - let’s see the new frontier for UX since last year! Last call: we are recording a preview of the AI Engineer World’s Fair with swyx and Ben Dunphy, send any questions about Speaker CFPs and Sponsor Guides you have! Alessio is
Nathan Lambert
Great ep so far. People are sleeping on Adept, strategy has seemed spot on to me.
Strategy and UX >> API / chatbot wars.
Bogdan Veliscu
Insightful read, I believe it’s nice to have multiple perspectives on achieving this long term goal. The strategy seems better to me.

Will Search Be Generative AI or Blue Links? Actually, It’s Both.

The real search battle isn’t gen AI vs. links, it’s when to show each format.
Yahoo is one of the most visited websites on the planet. It’s the most popular news site in the U.S., with more than 3 billion visits each month. It’s second in sports, second in email. It’s a still-kicking, veritable online hub of information. And at the very top of its homepage, it has a search bar.
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Jacob Radke
What if generative AI blended with search ends up being an even more profitable way to sell ads.
Connor Clark Lindh
Great takes and perspectives. This reminds me of the golden rule of new technology. That it moves the threshold higher and makes previously impossible businesses / services possible. Eg no one would consider paying for search previously. But now… maybe?

April 10, 2024 (Wednesday)

Prime minister Fumio Kishida of Japan and his wife, Yuko Kishida, are in Washington, D.C., tonight at a state dinner hosted by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The dinner is part of a state visit, the fifth for this administration. Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have worked to strengthen ties to countries in the Indo-Pacific to…
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Thank you for highlighting the news about the meetings with Japan. Stories like these tend to get drowned out by the political ones these days.
‘There are almost daily headlines now describing what Donald Trump would do if elected: the mass deportations, the pardons handed out to his friends and golf buddies, the Justice Department settling scores and waging personal vendettas. The former president has even promised violence if the election goes against him, warning that it could be a “blood bath.”(NYTimes: Guest Essay by Caroline Fredrickson, excerpts)
‘But as worrying as these prospects are, they are far from the biggest threats he poses. What we should fear most is Mr. Trump transforming our government into a modern-day Tammany Hall, installing a kleptocratic leadership that will be difficult if not impossible to dislodge.’
‘I do not discount the possibility of state-sponsored violence, and I worry deeply about the politicization of the civil service. But those are, for the most part, threats and theories, and while they need to be taken seriously, people should be paying more attention to a far more likely reality: that Mr. Trump would spend much of his time in office enriching himself. He failed spectacularly as an insurrectionist and as a disrupter of the civil service, and his clownish and chaotic style may well lead to failure again — but he has succeeded time and time again in the art of the steal. If his grift continues into a second term, it will not only contribute to the fraying trust Americans have in their institutions, but also impair our ability to lead the world through a series of escalating crises.’
‘Recall how Mr. Trump operated in his first term. Not only did he keep his stake in more than a hundred businesses, he made it a practice to visit his properties around the country, forcing taxpayers to pay for rooms and amenities at Trump hotels for the Secret Service and other staff members who accompanied him — money that went straight into his bank accounts and those of his business partners. Those interested in currying favor with the president, from foreign governments to would-be government contractors, knew to spend money at his hotels and golf clubs. According to internal Trump hotel documents, T-Mobile executives spent over $195,000 at the Trump Washington Hotel after announcing a planned merger with Sprint in April 2018. Two years later, the merger was approved.’
‘Government, like fish, rots from the head down. Mr. Trump’s example freed up cabinet members to award huge contracts to their friends, business associates and political allies, while others ran their departments like personal fiefs. After the State Department’s inspector general was fired, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s use of official trips for clandestine meetings with conservative donors and his family’s alleged misuse of staff members for tasks like walking his dog, picking up his wife from the airport and fetching his takeout came to light. And, in addition to being accused of improperly accepting gifts from those seeking influence, several other cabinet members were alleged to have used government funds for private travel. These may seem like banal infractions, but taken together, they are a reflection of who Mr. Trump is and how he governs.’
‘Throughout his life, through Trump-branded wine, chocolate bars, sneakers, NFTs, ties, MAGA paraphernalia, a $59.99 Bible (of all things) and, most recently, his Truth Social meme stock ploy, he has shown an unstoppable drive to enrich himself at all costs. He sees politics, like business, as a zero-sum game in which he wins only if someone else loses. These are the instincts that drive corruption, kleptocracy and grift. And, if past is prologue, we’re looking at a much more damaging sequel.’
‘In a second term, Mr. Trump will have more freedom and power to undertake grift. He has already vowed to use pardons to protect supporters and possibly even himself from efforts to curb corruption (which may explain the nonchalance with which his son-in-law Jared Kushner has greeted criticism about the conflicts of interest raised by his recent real estate investments in Serbia and Albania, as well as the Saudi, Qatari and Emirati investments in his wealth fund). And he and his political advisers are building a deep bench of committed and loyal employees who could corrode and potentially destroy mechanisms of accountability in government, paving the way for kleptocratic leaders to entrench themselves in the bureaucracy where many would be able to remain past Mr. Trump’s term. And the mere presence of a phalanx of unquestioning lieutenants in the civil service will ensure that other civil servants fear retribution for objecting to the self-enrichment.’
‘In a kleptocracy, corruption is a feature, not a bug, where politicians apply the law inconsistently, favoring friends and punishing enemies. By controlling government assets and handing them out to friends and family — and dangling possibilities in front of would-be supporters — as well as using politically motivated prosecutions, kleptocrats cement their control of government and disempower opponents. We need only recall Russia’s erstwhile effort to create a democracy: It quickly drained away into the pockets of Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs, leading to the hopelessness and acquiescence of Russian citizens once they realized they could no longer change their situation through democratic means.’
‘Now we face that danger at home. If Mr. Trump wins, America will have a leader invested in his own personal power, both financial and punitive, and supported by a much more capable team. When lucrative contracts are handed out to Trumpist loyalists regardless of merit and dissident voices are targeted and silenced, America’s leadership on the global stage will dissolve when it’s needed most.’
‘The consequences will echo for generations if we lack the ability and the will to attack problems like climate change, mass migration, a new space race and multiple wars. Nothing of substance will be done, Mr. Trump’s cronies will continue to act with impunity, and millions of Americans — already worried that elites are held to a different standard than regular people are — will lose even more confidence in their government, convinced that everyone in Washington is out for himself.’
‘This combination of passivity on the one hand and impunity on the other could be fatal for our democracy. This is the true danger Mr. Trump poses.’ (NYTimes: ‘What Worries
Me Most About a Trump Presidency by Caroline Fredrickson) See gifted link below.
‘Ms. Fredrickson is an adviser at the Open Markets Institute, a senior fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice and a visiting professor of law at Georgetown University.’

A framework for finding product-market fit | Todd Jackson (First Round Capital)

Brought to you by: • WorkOS—The modern API for auth and user identity • Eppo—Run reliable, impactful experiments • CommandBar—AI-powered user assistance for modern products and impatient users — Todd Jackson is a Partner at First Round Capital. Before moving into venture capital, he played a crucial role as VP of Product and Design at Dropbox, guiding the company until its IPO in 2018. Prior to Dropbox, Todd led product management for Twitter’s Content and Discovery teams after selling his startup, Cover, to Twitter in 2014. Before Cover, Todd oversaw product development for Facebook’s Newsfeed, Photos, and Groups. He kickstarted his career at Google as an associate product manager and eventually led product for Gmail, witnessing its growth from beta to 200 million users. In our conversation, we discuss:
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Colin Brown
Love this! Go First Round!
Friendzone, 100 dollar vending machine, 4 levels and 4 PPPPs!
The fact that Founders spend a lot of their time building but very little time "picking" is super counterintuitive. It reminded me of the James Clear quote
"You don't need to worry about progressing slowly. You need to worry about climbing the wrong mountain." Great founders spend a long time in the "idea maze" noodling on the problem before launching in. I really hope this course helps many find the way through the second half.

Is an Order of French Fries Like a Pack of Cigarettes?

Can Snopes be trusted on seed oils? Yeah, fact-checkers ain't what they used to be, but can they use Google?
So apparently Dr. Paul Saladino recently made a video were he compared French fries to a pack of cigarettes. People on X got upset about this comparison. While I haven’t seen the video in question, I pointed out that it was an accurate comparison (see below) and in the course of re-familiarizing myself with the facts, came across this li…
Tucker Goodrich ∙ 8 LIKES
If you couldn’t trust two random unnamed volunteer factcheckers on Facebook, who could you trust? This is the wisdom of crowds, confirmed by a dietitian somewhere in Texas.
Serious question: how much less toxic are fries if I cook them at home with tallow? Which I do maybe twice a year.

“It’s an Empty Executive Suite”

An insider explains what has gone disastrously wrong with Boeing.
Boeing is—or was—a great company. From its manufacturing plants in Seattle, it produced the world’s most reliable, efficient aircraft. But after merging with McDonnell Douglas, shifting production around the world, and moving its headquarters to Chicago and then Arlington, Virginia, the Boeing Company has been adrift.
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We have an identity crisis. We are obsessed with physical characteristics and racial division. We honor or condemn immutable traits and consider accomplishments racist. We are being taught to hate ourselves. We construct genders out of pure imagination, peer pressure and lived experience. Victimhood is a badge of honor. The more we base our worth upon the struggle to gain power, the less we seem to know who we are. The further we drift from the self-evident truths that once bound us together, the more obscure truth itself becomes. As we forget in whose image we are made, we will have no memory of who we are.
The Great Santini
Our ‘elites’ are fools. DEI is the antithesis of good leadership. ESG is the antithesis of good management. Oppose it everywhere you find it.

The OSINT Newsletter - Issue #49

The latest and greatest in open source intelligence news, tools, tactics, and techniques
👋 Welcome to the 49th issue of The OSINT Newsletter. This issue contains OSINT news, community posts, tactics, techniques, and tools to help you become a better investigator. My goal with this newsletter is to help promote the OSINT industry, develop better investigators, and raise awareness of ethical use cases for open source intelligence.
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I am a subscriber but I don't see anything after the Free section on the email or in the App. Am I missing something?

Yes, Social Media Really Is a Cause of the Epidemic of Teenage Mental Illness

Two major problems with a review in Nature
For centuries, adults have worried about whatever “kids these days” are doing. From novels in the 18th century to the bicycle in the 19th and through comic books, rock and roll, marijuana, and violent video games in the 20th century, there are always those who ring alarms, and there are always
Jon Haidt ∙ 348 LIKES
Jim Geschke
As a teacher I saw the wolves arrive in my classroom around 2011-12.
The wolves came in and stole my students' most precious asset -- their attention. The usurpers were too smart, too manipulative and brazenly uncaring. Here I was, at a teacher’s salary, pitted against youthful MENSA app developers in Silicon Valley whose pay scales and IQs exceed mine by factors of 100.
I saw the "causation" unfold right before my eyes.
Mary Poindexter McLaughlin
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't “structural discrimination, racism, sexism, sexual abuse, and economic hardship" existed for centuries?The opioid epidemic is a recent phenomenon, yes, as is social isolation (one that is CLEARLY related to social media), so it seems that Odgers is really grasping here.
I'm also fed up with the need to quantify everything, all the time, to justify taking action. Studies! Data! Research! Feh. Spend an hour with your average teenager today and you'll have all the evidence you need.
Keep up the excellent work, John. I'm grateful for you.

Special Event: Survival as a Creative Act

Save the date! April 6, 2024, from 12-1pm ET
Hi friend! Today is the fourth anniversary of the Isolation Journals, and I’m here with some exciting news! To celebrate this special occasion, I’ll be hosting a Studio Visit for paid subscribers from my painting residency. It’s happening this Saturday, April 6 from 12-1pm ET
Suleika Jaouad ∙ 211 LIKES
Arna DiMambro Lewis
You write with such a profound knowledge of the true meaning of life and how to live as joyfully and hopefully as possible. Aside from living through the challenges of your illness, where does this inner strength originate from? You are an old soul at a young age, please expand on your studies, meditations, philosophies, religions, mentors, authors, practices or whatever it is that gives you this immense illumination and inspiration that you so generously spread to us all. What do you do with your self-doubt, fears, and regrets? Even if this is too impossible a question to answer, I am grateful for all that you offer, and maybe we know these answers already by all that you model and share. Thank you so much. 🥰
Karen Sisco
Suleika , THIS is very exciting news ! I am curious about the fact that your exhibit will be with your beloved Maman .Every mother/daughter relationship is unique . Given that your mom’s professional life has always been art what was it like for you to let go of any self doubt about diving into the same art world for the first time and now being brave and comfortable enough with exhibiting your talents along side your mom? I’m in awe of this and would love to hear that part of your story .
I love all the beauty and creativity you share with the world . Thank you from deep in my heart .
P.S - I know it’s gonna be great with Carmen as your interviewer. Go Carmen ‼️

Call for Subscriber Writing, April 2024

It’s time for our bimonthly call for subscriber writing! We are finally switching to a Google form to collect responses. Please submit your responses here. Deadline for this month is Sunday, April 14th, at 10 PM EST. At that time I will disable the ability to submit new responses in the form until the next call, so get your submissions in on time. If yo…
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Benjamin J. Smith
Freddie, how are we supposed to format our submissions in the Google form? Those entry fields don't have formatting.
I think it would save you a lot of work/hassle to set up the Google Form so that each piece of information (name, title, link, blurb) is a separate field, and then set up a mail merge-esque template in Google Docs with all the correct formatting.

a really simple meal plan v.9

spring has sprung!!!
Happy April!! Spring is HERE, and this month’s meal plan embraces it. We’re lighting up the grill a few times this week (but see the notes and/or recipes for alternative cooking methods, if you don’t have a grill). Springy green veggies like English peas and arugula are in the mix, as is the
Caroline Chambers and Molly Ramsey ∙ 121 LIKES
Some of our favorites and the ones we frequent the most are: beef bulgogi bowls, macadamia crusted fish, the turkey meatballs with corn butter rice, the avo cucumber pepper salad with ginger sesame chicken, and spiced chicken
Cheryllyn Brock
Lunch day 3 is a hit!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Apr 7

Everything We Were Told About the $175 Million Bond Donald Trump Got Was a Lie

Here’s the truth—which breaking news reports revealed to America over just the last 72 hours.
Seth Abramson ∙ 340 LIKES
Mary Morrow
If someone, like Hankey, doesn’t know that everything the orange fascist prick touches, dies, deserves what he gets or won’t get, which is a damn dime, from the lying SOB. Hankey is a fool.
OFP lies as easily as he breathes, it’s absurd anyone can believe him about anything.
The fraudster obtains a court ordered bond, for a conviction of fraud, under fraudulent means- who woulda thunk. FFS.
I’m always worn out after reading your reports, but appreciate them very much.
Alexander Lagaaij
2 more weeks of uncertainty AND of time for ‘media’ to step up to their duty. So far every time one hopes now trump will be caught, he has escaped. It must stop, this escaping justice!

Apr 10

How Indian Operatives Attempted To Remove Baaz Article Revealing The Indian Consulates-Intelligence Nexus

Spoof emails, fake news sites, & bogus copyright complaints - the incredible lengths Indian operatives took to silence a Baaz investigation exposing RAW agents in Indian Consulates
From The Editors April 10, 2024 | 11 min. read | Editorial On December 11, 2023, Baaz published an in-depth investigation revealing RAW and IB agents operating out of Indian Consulates in the West. The piece immediately became a go-to reference on how Indian Consulates and High Commissions are being utilized to engage in espionage and transnational repres…

Maintain Your Brain

A few thoughts on the arrival of a new Fahrenheit 451 future. Plus, a few mild site changes
Matt Taibbi ∙ 1611 LIKES
Thanks, Matt. Appreciate the update and info. You seem like one of the last "normal" people in journalism anymore--able to relate to what real people experience. Your free speech focus has been invaluable. Of course, a better writer than 99.999% of people. I also worry about the reduction in information availability. I can still find things via google but have to scroll through so much more junk to find the real info I'm searching for. Keep fighting the good fight.
Like any other addition, TikTok/internet addiction won't be reversed until the addict hits rock bottom and WANTS to get better. That's always the first step in recovery. A couple years ago I went out 'with the boys' after our softball game -- but 10 minutes in, and I was the only one not playing on his phone. I remember wondering why we were even 'out' to begin with if not for the social interaction.....
If we're lucky, within a few years the kids will think it's actually cool to talk with others instead of to your phone..........

Apr 10

Lisa Cook's new plagiarism scandal was entirely predictable

I woke up yesterday to a Google Alert that Sheryl Sandberg's niece, Maya, was calling me racist in the Harvard Crimson. From the quality of the logic and writing in this article, suffice it to say that it's evident she got into Harvard because she is Sheryl Sandberg's niece.
Christopher Brunet ∙ 194 LIKES
Great work Chris. When the corporate media goes after you, it’s a telltale sign you’re right on the facts. I think it’s really a badge these days.
I'd bet anything that the dems have been feverishly looking for plagiarism in white men (and only white men) ever since this topic hit mainstream.
If they had found anything so far, it would have pushed Trump off the news cycle while the deep state media propagandized it to death.
It will be interesting to see what they ultimately discover.

Judge Reggie Walton: Political Speech Commissar

Federal judges in DC have used their unaccountable bully pulpits to literally bully January 6 defendants and trash talk Donald Trump from the bench. But Judge Reggie Walton just jumped the shark.
Reggie Walton was hopping mad—again. During a court hearing last year, Walton, a 75-year-old senior judge on the U.S. district court in Washington, fumed over an interview an individual named Daniel Goodwyn had given to then Fox News host Tucker Carlson to describe the government’s harsh treatment of January 6 defendants.
Julie Kelly ∙ 186 LIKES
Tim Goodsell
Good stuff Julie. It’s not just Walton, it’s ado Engoron and Mechan in NYC that have pretty much destroyed a large number of Americans confidence in the Judicial System, particularly in NYC and DC. The pervasive corruption of that system has been one of the most dispiriting aspects of this whole mess and is probably the straw that will break the camel’s back. It is this level of institutional collapse and the utter abandonment of corrective action by national and state authorities that will at some point lead to armed resistance. When you take away hope, what’s the alternative? I live with a constant sense of disbelief at what has happened to our country.
Lon pearson
Where did Mr. Goodwyn get the idea he could peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances?